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Yoshisaurus Rex:
In the topic “A Survey This Is” I’ve had a lot of fun talking about beliefs and learning what other people believe.  This got me to thinking... what else do people believe in?  The paranormal?  The supernatural?  The weird, crazy, or seemingly impossible? What exactly do you believe in and why?

Now I give you the opportunity to talk about which of the following things and others you believe. Tell stories of what you’ve heard, why you think it’s real or not, and anything else you can think of.  This topic isn’t for making fun of people (most of you already know that though), so please be careful of what you say and respect other’s opinions.  You can question them but try not to redicule them.

As for myself, I believe in most of the things on this list (as of the first time I wrote this) and think that either people are telling the truth, or are experiencing something that isn’t "normal" but might now be what they think it is.  I’ve talked about my religious beliefs in “A Survey This Is” but I also have another belief about the world and this one might blow your mind out.  Okay.  I believe... that a few dinosaurs may still be alive today.  There, I said it and I can imagine if you are ROFL or WTD-ing.  I know how crazy it sounds, but I have a reason for thinking this and I’ll tell you why. 

Many honest people including scientists have claimed to see large creatures while exploring hidden parts of the world (like Asia, Africa, and sometimes America) and some of these creatures match the description of dinosaurs.  I’m sure that some were lying or made a hoax just to try and become famous or something, but I also think that some of these people have to be telling the truth.  I also know that everyone says that dinosaurs went extinct, but maybe some of them survived somehow and are hiding in the world.  The Loch Ness monster, Mokele-Mbembe, Kongamato, and others... is it possible?!  Go ahead and laugh if you want but I’m going to trust the accounts of some of these “witnesses” and dare to believe what many dino lovers would only dream of. (But I don't believe in the Yoshisaurus Rex, so don't worry about that XD)

So anyway... what do you believe? Let me know the other stuff I forget too.  I didn't include God because that's what the other topic was about.

If you want to hear about more strange things, you can go to newanimal.org and other sites about crytpozoology and stuff.  If any Bible readers want to learn about some real strange stuff in the Bible, read Job 40:15-24 and chapter 41, and Genesis 6:1-4. 

Edit: I sure wish we had an "alphabetical order" box so I could keep my poll in order. DX If I add more options and rearrange things that already have votes for them, will that screw up everything or do the votes automatically stay with the right words?

You forgot two things:
Santa Claus and

Insane Steve:
i font belive it

No, seriously, I think I'm leaning towards the "none of those" option that's not there. The closest would be aliens; however, I'm extrapolating that as "any life form not living on Earth" -- which doesn't necessarily have to be complex, just existent.

The Blue Toad:
Well, I put down angels, Heaven, Hell, and I forgot to say demons, but demons too.  These are all real to me because I am a Christian, and as such I believe in these things. 
But, I also checked off aliens.  This is because I find it extremely hard to believe that there are other planets, nay, galaxies out there, and we still remain the only life forms.  I'm not arrogant enough to say that only Earth holds beings capable of moving, thinking, and all-around living.  There's too much out there we haven't explored to jump to that conclusion. 

I only chose Aliens, because, come on, there HAS to be another planet out there that supports and has life as advanced or even more advanced than this one.


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