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Doom's Day

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Doom's Day List      These ten things are the most likely to spell
1. Deep Impact              doom for the planet Earth.  The lower the number 
2. Pandemic                 the more likely the chance of being what brings
3. Gamma Ray Burst          about Doom's Day.
4. Global Warming
5. Terrorism
6. Solor Flares
7. Mass Extinctions
8. Robot Rebellion
9. Alien Attack
10. Super Volcano Eruption

The Chef:
Are you sure Aliens and Robots are more likely to attack us than it is for a volcano eruption to go haywire?


What do you mean by "doom"?  The end of the human race?  All life ends?  The planet itself is destroyed? 

I'd put a super volcano eruption towards the top of the list as far as being likely and having the ability to take out a large percent of Earthly life, but I don't think it would doom humankind.  Even if only thousands to tens of thousands survived as is likely from previous eruption(s) the human race would still survive.

First thing: It's Doomsday, not Doom's Day. Second: The chance of aliens destroying the Earth is very unlikly impossible. You also forgot nuclear war. We're also protected against solar flares and gamma rays. Robot rebellion is not a possibility. We programmed the robots. Remove everything on the list except for terrorisim, deep impact, global warming and nuclear war. Yellowstone might erupt, but only America would be destroyed.

Lizard Dude:
Yes, and the rest of the world wouldn't be able to see the sun, or the ground, and would be screwed.


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