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Guide to Kissing

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Uhhhhh, I've never kissed a girl before, maybe it's because pirates don't do that kind of stuff, I don't know.

Insane Steve:
I have no advice, seeing how I've never even come close to getting that far in a relationship. Also, I am extremely awkward in situations where I have no background in... like intrapersonal relationships.

Needless to say, there's a bit of a Catch-22 going there.


The Chef:
I honesly can't think of anything to say other than:

I feel your pain, man.

Lizard Dude:
Are you sure this is going to be a full-contact kiss at all, or just some kind of fake stage kiss. Don't they sometimes do a weird kiss to the side of the lip thing or turn to obscure the lips from the audience and just get really close?

I have kissed a few people and I don't really feel like telling any stories at this time but a good tip to score a first kiss is to get into a situation where your faces end up naturally close. Examples: sitting side-by-side on a bus seat, laying on a bed talking, camping in a tent maybe.

Note: None of the kisses were truly initiated by me. I'm a chicken at heart (less so in my advanced age) and the girls did the work. Thank goodness.


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