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All that being said, my Tag is RubberPant. I hope to buy Xbox Live Gold soon.

Lizard Dude:
Picked up a 360 today. I'm LizardDude17. Lizard Dude and LizardDude were taken. Noooooo! Evil.

Yes, Xbox Live kicks the holy living snot out of all the other consoles.

Nintendo: You enter a 16-digit number for each game and can maybe sometimes randomly match up with your friend if you arrange a game on some other means of communication and then wait and watch mysterious flashing lights for a while. (Metroid Prime Hunters, you're excused.)

Microsoft: You can see what friends are online, what they are playing, what they are doing in the game, and send messages and game invites to anyone no matter what they are doing. You can see their scores and achievements on all their games, compared side by side with yours.

I'm starting to wonder why I bought a Wii before a 360. Oh well, got both now. Hehehe!

Not only can you view the status of your friends, but you can join a voice chat with them (it's totally free! headset comes with the Xbox!) no matter what you are doing. I was playing a demo of Ridge Racer 6 while "talking" to Lizard Dude. It was really cool and kind of surreal. My headset kind of sucks though so make sure you buy them new.

Lizard Dude:
Kind of sucks is an understatement. :D :D :D  I guess for games for me right now you could put Bomberman LIVE.

Headset problem has been resolved.

Long story short, I switched my gamertag. It is now bobman37, and it's only a Silver account.


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