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Post your friend codes here, I demand it!
mine? 2880 2966 6613
i dont have a pokemon over lvl 20, keep that in mind.

I am NOT a battler, but I do some breeding from time to time.
1205 1491 8546.  If anyone has Chikorita, Torchic, any of the Sinnoh starters, Riolu, Glaceon, or Leafeon, I have a spare Eevee, and I can hatch any of the starters I did not mention.
EDIT:  I canNOT hatch a Treecko, though.  The reason, it's not in my wishlist is because I can just hatch one on my Sapphire version and migrate it.  But if anyone has a spare Treecko, they are more than welcome to offer me one and save me some time.

I dont have a chikorita, but I do have a totodile I can give.
I really want a cyndaquil though,

And if anyone knows where to catch a pikachu I would appreciate telling you telling me. I would like to breed a pichu.

5328 3523 9779
My Poke are lvl. 100.

Okay.  I got a Torchic, Chikorita, and Lucario (which I can breed for a Riolu).  I can breed any of the starters except the Sinnoh.  The only gen IV game I have is Soul Silver.

@cosmic_c: Pikachu is in Veridian Forest.


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