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Welcome to the thread where I show off my arts.

General stuff (I don't do much of this anymore)
More importantly, SMAAAASH!!, a webcomic
And also, my archive at Stack Smash, where we retexture things in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Yeah, I've noticed my thread count going up and concluded it's this board's fault. I'm putting an end to that. I don't have anything new today, but when I do I'll just post here instead of posting a thread. I'm sure that'll be appreciated. Well, till then, there's most of what I've done before and a lot of the stuff in the actual directory that I never did show.

I don't remember if you posted "LU..." here or not, but I loved it. That's my favorite out of the hand drawn ones.

EDIT: Nah, it's my favorite out of all of them actually. There are only 3 hand drawn pictures. :/

Lizard Dude:
What's wrong with your thread count going up?

"LU..." brings up an aspect of Smash Bros. that I don't usually experience: suspense at seeing who wins. Not something I really like in a fighting game (or any game).

Captain Jim:
BP's just trying to avoid this:

He doesn't want to suffer the fate that befell Mario Maniac.


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