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It's another drawing request thread. I'll likely draw them in the style of the below picture of William H. Taft dressed like Bill Kaulitz doing karaoke (though I might take the time to erase the pencil lines), or like the other below picture of Glorb being poor and stealing stuff if I feel like adding color, but it might also look like the further below caricatures of TMK staffers. Whatever.


Draw a Guitar with a man/woman holding it. (man/woman is optional)

I was waiting for you to make this thread! Well, in sort of a bizarre inversion (and just because I want to see it), I was going to ask you to draw the Lolwut Pear as the respected CEO of a major bank, but since TLW's thread is active again, and you requested it there...

Draw a visual representation of "I accidentally a whole coca-cola bottle. Is this bad?"


A guitar held by a man/woman

When deciding what the missing word should be, I thought "ate" would be too cliche, so I went with "married".

I request that you draw an artistic interpretation of a stoner who has accidentally lit his hair on fire while trying to light a bowl pipe, and is now sedately trying to put it out.


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