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Captain Jim:
Surgeon General's Warning: This trophy gallery contains imagery such as blood, rude hand gestures, censored nudity, dead parents, drugs, and implications! Viewer disgression is advised. Seriously, if any of this sounds like a bad time, turn back while you still can!
I had taken on a self imposed challenge to draw a horrible, horrible MS Paint trophy for every playable character in the Super Smash Bros. series. Like, all of them. And I've done it! I've drawn everyone up to and including the SSB4 newcomers that are currently revealed. If any more newcomers get revealed, you can bet yer biscuits that soon after they'll have a Completely Horrible Trophy™!

I've grouped the trophies below by game of appearance. You may notice that I was pretty sane and tame in my SSB trophies, but then by Melee I forgot how to give a [REDACTED]. Enjoy! Or cry. I'm not your boss.

- Mario
- Donkey Kong
- Yoshi
- Pikachu
- Link
- Samus
- Fox
- Kirby
- Luigi
- Jigglypuff
- Ness
- Captain Falcon

- Peach
- Bowser
- Zelda
- Sheik
- Ice Climbers
- Dr. Mario
- Marth
- Roy
- Ganondorf
- Young Link
- Falco
- Mr. Game & Watch
- Pichu
- Mewtwo

- Wario
- Pit
- Zero Suit Samus
- Meta Knight
- King Dedede
- Pokemon Trainer
- Squirtle
- Ivysaur
- Charizard
- Ike
- Lucas
- Diddy Kong
- Olimar
- R.O.B.
- Wolf
- Lucario
- Toon Link
- Snake
- Sonic

- Villager
- Mega Man
- Wii Fit Trainer
- Rosalina
- Little Mac
- Greninja
- Mii Fighters
- Palutena
- Pac-Man
- Lucina
- Robin
- Shulk
- Bowser Jr.
- Dark Pit
- Duck Hunt

Your pictures trump even Picasso. They are the closest thing to God we'll ever become.

  I give them a 3/10.


--- Quote from: Captain Jim on February 17, 2014, 09:25:39 PM ---- Pokemon Trainer

--- End quote ---

Topical humor! I like it!

It concerns me that not one of the female characters were drawn from the perspective from which they're most commonly viewed.

11/10. I save'd the Marth one.


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