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Sigh... where is everyone?

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It's getting to the point where only mods comment here... hell, I only come here once a month

I would say internet forums are dying out, but a couple weeks ago I was googling for venison roast recipes and stumbled upon a forum about cookin' meat that gets more traffic than we do. I guess meat is, always has been, and always will be, more popular than Mario...

it's-a meat

Forgive me while I ramble a bit. Heh, isn't that the kind of thing Insane Steve would say? Anyway...

As a whole, I kind of feel like TMK is a living tribute to the turn-of-the-millenium "if you build it they will come" magazine-style sites, such as Zelda Legends. TMK was late to the crowdsourced Web 2.0 thingymabob (I think that's what they called it), and trusted volunteer staff can only dedicate so much of their time before they are burdened with other responsibilities, or simply grow tired. These days we have blogs with writers who make their living off attention-grabbing articles about games and other things. Perhaps Web 2.0 has replaced "posters" with "commenters."

How we interact with internet media aside, another big problem is youth recruitment. Cliched as it is, youth are the future, and necessary for maintaining communities. Youth come because they have interest, and google queries like "Mario games," "secrets," or "MIDIs." They'd come for the data and stay for the speculation on forums. Remember how we all talked about Project Dolphin, Revolution, and that weird water gun thingy Mario was getting? Guess where the kids get their speculation now? Professional blog writers, sometimes Youtubers! Or so I am led to believe.

Perhaps the biggest problem facing Nintendo sites in general, however, is that the playing field is now several times wider that the "Mario vs Sonic" wars of yore.

Also, Glorb is gone.

/\ /\ Suffix, that's a post of the year candidate if I've ever seen one.

In fact I, in my capacity as ADVANCED Poster Awards Emcee Emeritus, declare it the winner in honore.

In any event, Suffix, I do believe you're right. I would argue that those blog articles with a catch title and a list format are more than just a threat to the "magazine-style" websites like TMK. They're a plague to the internet and a bane of our intelligence. Articles like "The Top 20 Mario Moments You Won't BELIEVE," are attention grabbers, sure. But there is really a paucity of any real content in such articles.

Yes, maybe the information sources have changed. But isn't it also possible that TMK can remain the premiere resource for all things classic Mario? Maybe we can't keep up with all the new things in the gaming world. But there's a resurgence in retro gaming, especially among the younger demographic who are in many cases discovering for the first time "lost classics" or games we've always known as great. Vinyl sales are up in the music world, and I have my own ideas about why. But I also think that classic gaming might be our wheelhouse. TMK still has a great feel after all these years, and there's still a purpose to this website.

Maybe the forums will flicker out, but I still see TMK as a cornucopia of reliable Mario information.


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