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A Super Mario Bros. 2 reference in Guitar Hero Live.


I played Guitar Hero Live today, and I realized that a song found in GHTV contains some notes from a Mario game.
Is it worth adding this game in the Cameos section of the site?

In GHTV, the song is The Preatures - Better Than It Ever Could Be :
At 3:38, you can hear the credit theme from SMB2.

To compare, just listen the notes starting at 0:40 from the Ending Theme of Super Mario Bros. 2.:

(You can find the complete list of songs from GH Live here:

That's pretty cool. I think that qualifies for a cameo mention. Nice catch!

I just though about it... Is this Credit Theme first appeared in Doki Doki Panic? If so, maybe that's more of a reference to that game. Mhhhh...


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