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Forest Guy:
I'm Meowrik, here with Vidgmchtr and we have set a new record first thing, in two TMK FOrum Members meeting each other in reality.

Today was a party, and Mike AKA Vidgmchtr came over, and now we plan on playing some games.

It is a memorable occasion in the history of the forums.

What part of the chicken is the McNugget, exactly?

Lizard Dude:
Congratulations! You two are lucky. But now for the important question I know is on everyone's minds:

Who is better at the games?

“I’m a stupid fatty and I love to play with my Easy Bake oven.”

Forest Guy:
Hah, I am, but Vid's not bad.

He says we're about equal but he only won a 4-player SSBM match that included me, and a Shadow Battle game in Four Swords Adventures.

What part of the chicken is the McNugget, exactly?

It was a great party. We played SSBM and Four Swords Adventures (Oh, wait, Meow already mentioned that, sorry).

In FSA, we got up to the Phantom Ganon Boss, Meow and I were pretty good at dodging projectiles back at the boss, but some other guy (Forgive me, I forgot his name...Chris, was it?) was acting all weird and missed almost every shot. Then Erik had his friend Erik come in to take his place and about 15 minutes later, we FINALLY got him.

...I'd love to go back, or have Erik come to my house.

Oh, I forgot....
....He SURE loves his Hawaiian shirts.

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Tis a memorable occasion indeed.  I wish I could meet a FF member in person...

"There are no such things as stupid questions, just stupid people."


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