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Excellent Martinet Interview

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The Sun, a newspaper and website from the UK, recently had an interview with Charles Martinet.  Martinet's voice has been featured in hundreds of games, commercials, and other venues.  Though best known for his Mario voice, he also mentions some of his other roles in games such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Men in Black.

Some very interesting details were revealed.  Martinet recounts the story of how he almost didn't become Mario because he was too busy enjoying the beach!  He also explains how the voice recording process works and how much he enjoys it.  The voice of Mario speaks very highly of the fun he has playing Mario games and Nintendo in general as well as their fans.

The article itself is just a summary of the longer audio interview.  The Sun also posted the 11 minute audio interview of "Charlie," which is chock full of the voice actor doing voices for various Mario characters and is a must listen.

Aw, how cool. Reading that should make bashers of SMA voiceovers feel bad.

Why is that?

Awesome interview! Martinet is so fun to listen to; I find his animated, upbeat, and joyful nature and outlook absolutely refreshing.

Now I'm curious as to what roles he's played in those other games.

Lizard Dude:
Not sure how accurate or complete this is, but give it a whirl.


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