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Koji Kondo, music composer for fan-favorite Super Mario and Zelda games, gave his first speech in the US at the Game Developers Conference earlier this month. Here are several recent interviews with the living legend.

 - Wired - Game|Life interview
 - Scoring Nintendo: The Koji Kondo Interview (Game Informer)
 - Game Daily interview
 - Koji Kondo: An Interview With a Legend (IGN)
 - Video interview at Advanced Media Network

Also, Nintendo World Report has more info on Koji Kondo's GDC 2007 Presentation.

Lizard Dude:
Ah, I always was quite suspicious of the Ocarina of Time overworld music getting calmer when I stood around but never got past the doubt that it might have been coincidental until now.

Also, it took me until SM64DS to notice the instrument additions in the SM64 water theme as you move about.

This reminded me how delighted I was with the way the Twilight Princess Castle Town band's music meshed into the actual music.

Thing to note: Kondo composed the overworld theme of NSMB! I knew it was suspiciously catchy.

Wow.  These are all different interviews (except the first couple of questions are pretty much the same every time).  Thanks for the links!


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