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New Wii U details - launch date, price, and more!

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Consumers definitely have a responsibility to research what they're buying, but it really behooves companies to make things less obtuse, because once you get into trying to explain what a New 3DS is, a lot of people are just going to throw their hands up and go back to phone games instead of doing that research (the 2DS and the 3DS are the same thing but the DS is a different thing than them, and the 3DS and the New 3DS are not quite the same thing because the New 3DS can play this one game over here where the name of the console is at the top of the box? the difference between the 3DS and the New 3DS is that the New 3DS can play more old games than the Old 3DS (but the old games that you can play only on the New 3DS aren't the oldest games that you can play on the 3DS)?).

The NX should be called the New Nintendo.


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