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Here are some the videos that The Wiities Crew on the Dojo of Pain made for Ubisoft's promotion of Red Steel.  Which video is your favorite and why?  Please don't just pick mine because I'm a global mod on the forums.  Check them all out.  Then vote in the forums.


Felito's "Red Steel Training Montage"


Luigison's "Remember to Focus your Wii"

Meteoratc's "Red Steel Training"

Official Dojo of Pain Video "Remote-Controlled Sword"

Official "Red Steel Trailer"

I'm posting this for three reasons.  One, as part of a little friendly competition between our group, The Wiities Crew.  Second, we could win a Nintendo Wii form Ubisoft's Dojo of Pain if our videos are viewed 30,000 times.  Thirdly, I thought you guys might like to see our videos.  I know some people here have already left positive comments on mine.  If you have a YouTube account please rate and comment on our videos as well. 

If you're interested in Red Steel check out the reviews it got at IGN and Gamespot.

Thanks.  Now go vote.

   New Video:  Warning!  This video contains a short skirt and some blood/gore.  Emergency: Break in Case of Ninja

I voted BEARD DAY. I couldn't tell what it had to do with Red Steel, but it had a girl and beard shaving in it.

I like my other one better, if you are reading it you can check it out here.


I didn't like my other one better, but people here seemed to enjoy it because it actually has me in it.

Videos that have an IGN watermark on them instantly make me say "blech." I like the videos with acting in them.

By the way, we have that same Physics textbook.


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