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Edit by Luigison:  Warning.  Video contains language that some people here may find offensive. 

Check my Red Steel Trailer R3M1X out. It has very good ratings. It is my best work. I know that if you see it you will agree.

I now have 21,066 of the needed 30,000 views of my "Remember to Focus your Wii" YouTube video.  Thanks guys.

I'm hoping Digg and StumbleUpon will help me get the remaining 8,939 views needed to win a Wii.  Wish me and the other Wiities luck.


  Haichi should have won a Wii and I should have won a DS Lite, but we haven't heard from Sensei for confirmation yet.  Some other's may have won stuff to, but I haven't checked.

New Video:

  Warning!  This video contains a short skirt and some blood/gore.  Emergency: Break in Case of Ninja


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