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There have been an abundance of Mario T-shirts available for sale in recent years, so yet another design shouldn't be any surprise.  Except this one from Dolce & Gabana.  It costs $175. 

Throw in the recommended pre-worn jeans to go with the shirt and you'll be set back $520.  That's more than the Basic model PS3!  Not only is the shirt terribly ugly (it looks like they simply printed a magazine ad), it's not like most gamers are especially fashion conscious or have bucket loads of cash.  Will anybody actually buy this abomination?

... 0_o

I've lost faith in how people price their merchandise.

Seriously, for that many bills, they could at least give you a good looking T-Shirt. That just looks like a magazine ad ironed on a T-Shirt! With $520, I could buy a Wii, an extra controller & nunchuck, and all the games I wanted for launch, and possibly a classic controller and some Wii points!

Really, you'd be the most popular kid in class if you bought this. Everywhere else, not so much. People don't want to buy a shirt for $175. They want a Wii, so that's kinda bad timing on Dolce & Gabana's part. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing this Shirt!

I wonder if I'd be as pretty as that model if I bought that shirt.

That shirt looks like roadkill. I mean, who would buy that shirt? And who has that type of money? Those jeans are overpriced and the shirt looks like roadkill. We were saving for the Wii, not a stupid shirt and some pants...who spends that kind of money on a crappy shirt. The shirt looks like the guy took his little bros. shirt, ironed on a crappy picture, and put his other brothers to-little shirt on underneath. And then it ripped at the shoulders.

TEM, we can only hope you'd look as good wearing that shirt.

Yeah, go ahead, buy a $15 T-shirt for $175.  Oh, and you want a pair of jeans that are already dirty?  Let me know, I could use a couple hundred bucks for my old pants.  I'm rather surprised they aren't selling plastic bag shoes for another $200.


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