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Universal Citywalk Launch Photos -- find the TMK Sticker!

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Hey there, everyone.

I was at the (somewhat insane) Universal Citywalk Wii launch event last night, and I handed out a lot of TMK stickers -- somewhere between 150 and 200.  This means that these stickers should be popping up in photographs all over the web.  If you can find a photo with a TMK sticker, post a link in here... please!

Also, if I met you last night, you're really cool. Trust me on that.

Where was this? I would like to have had a sticker.

It was at Universal Studios here in Cali. In Hollywood, to be specific.

Ultima Shadow:
What did the stickers look like in terms of colour and design? I may have found something... :O

Hey, hey, hey! I did a search like this before, for TMK staff at a past E3, and the only thing I got out of it was some grapes from my own refrigerator!


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