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Faux Luigi Escorted From Property

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At a Wii launch in Japan, someone showed up dressed in a fairly nice Luigi costume.  He helped launch the system and sell the first game.

The problem was that he wasn't an NCL employee... just a random guy in a nice Luigi suit.

(Deezer, care to help translate?)


--- Quote from: DavidDayton on December 04, 2006, 12:00:25 AM ---(Deezer, care to help translate?)
--- End quote ---
Third photo: "Luigi handing Wii to first buyer."
Fourth photo: "Luigi [I don't know these words] to the people on the way to the register."
Fifth photo (not exact translation): "Authorized people lead Luigi the heck out of there."

W00t, Deezer Engrish. Well, not exactly Engrish... Authorized people rule. Poor Luigi.

I wonder what the poor guy was charged with.

Improper use of a preposition.


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