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Wii for the holidays


Deezer: is taking donations to buy Wii systems and games for hospitalized children. Visit their Wii Drive 2006 page for more information and different ways you can help.

Hey, if the kids are hospitalized *sob* they can't play the Wii!

No, it just depends on for what they are hospitalized.

This seems like a nice thing to do for hospitalized I suppose.  But as SushieBoy pointed out, they may not be able to use them for a while.

Anyway, this may sound selfish, but why don't they ever do this for low income children?  How come I'm never hospitalized when stuff like this happens?! Heh...  Anyway, why don't they ever give video games to people who want them and can't afford them?  It's possible that the hospitalized children are already rich...

Chupperson Weird:
It sounds okay in theory. But then you're just basically giving free stuff to everyone. And if you're just "low income", well I think you're not doing too badly. Not as bad as those kids in the hospital, say. It's not whether the kids can buy a Wii already, see.


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