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My garage burns down (56k)

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Wow...CrossEyed7, ever think about becoming a photographer? And what type of camera are you using?  The lighting, the smoke, everything was right-on. Awesome pictures. I hope you and your family get everything back from the fire. And hopefully, the library will forgive you for the roasted library book.

As rare as it is to have something burn down like this, it's even rarer to have pictures of the whole thing. These photos are vey cool (hot?).

That sucks. The poor birds in the birdhouse. My garage is kind of close to my house so the house might catch on fire. Hope you didn't loose anything too valuable.

I once saw someone's garage on fire. The people who lived there weren't home, so my mom was going to break into the house to dial 911. They then came back so she didn't have to kick down a door. We were moving at the time, and the garage was owned by the people buying our house. Because of the fire, they couldn't buy our house.

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Mine too.

Ultima Shadow:
First time I can recall finding a garage fire interesting (and slightly amusing, if that doesn't sound too off), and, while I hope you get everything back appropriately, I'd like to point out you did photograph and caption this event incredibly well.

The camera is a Canon EOS Rebel XS, which I bought for the photography class I took last semester. I'm a film major, though more toward moving film... but since I have no idea what I'm going to do when I graduate in a year and a half, I'm open to suggestions.

Normally I'm very nostalgic, much more so than my parents, sillily clinging on to things they'd throw away without a second thought, but I don't really have any historic ties to the garage or to the cars that were in it at the time (all the cars old enough for me to reminisce about rather than simply remember have been rotated out), I didn't have anything of my own in there that I can think of, and overall I've felt more and more detached from this house as a whole anyway ever since I started college, so getting the pictures wasn't painful or anything. Really, if I felt any emotional reaction to it at all it was pretty much just finding the whole thing comical.

I don't think there'd been any actual birds in there for a while, although I think until a couple years back we had a bird that would make a nest with a hole in the middle in a tree by our house, and her eggs would always fall out the bottom (after falling out her bottom).

My dad did bring something else up though: lots of squirrels would hide nuts in that garage's attic over the winter. They're going to be pretty confused when they come back.

--- Quote from: Lizard Dude on January 02, 2009, 09:16:43 PM ---My favorite part was when the girls with white shirts had to go outside in the rain.

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Remember, at the time they were all ninth grade or younger. By now, of course, half of them have graduated college (I know at least one of them, who is the same age as me, is already married and pregnant... not necessarily in that order).


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