Do you believe in God?

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*Gives TEM the rock*
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I believe in God.
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Chalk another one up for Markio, with once again, a profound statement.
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Huh. The curious thing is that if my initial post on this thread were, simply, "I don't believe in God," I'd probably have at least a half dozen people demanding to know why, and at least one person would get offended. Somehow. I don't know how, but somehow.

But, ya, DarthTedd basically summed up my views on religion in two sentences. Bravo.

And, seriously, why WASN'T the cape feather in SMB3? That would've been so cool.

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Maybe because you could fly through most levels without breaking a sweat.  You couldn't do it in castles or scrolling levels but it could still help too much than necessary.  Besides the levels don't really have quite the right landscape for that kind of flying, just imo.

When people push their religious beliefs on other people, it's not always about wanting people to have the exact same beliefs as they do and therefore get along better or get money for their churches, but may be because they believe that we're missing something important in our lives and will be happier or more fulfilled people (or go to heaven or whatever) if we try to live like they try to live.  That's something that we can keep in mind when we get irritating confrontations from people, that they might feel like they want the best for us.  Not always but sometimes perhaps.
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I really need to say this. This is one of my peeves...

Frankly, I think that it's a little pointless to get all mad for simple things like religious sayings and holidays for when somebody says Happy Halloween! Take the whole Pledge of Allegiance debate. They say it's wrong to say it because some religions don't believe in God or are atheist. Same thing with the Merry Christmas thing. Say it to somebody who is another religion sometimes makes them go berserk. They want you to say Happy Holidays instead. I mean, big deal! They are receiving COMPLEMENTS. You're supposed to appreciate complements, not be "offended". People are WAY too paranoid.

I don't like it when people use slang words when talking about religion, but I try to understand how they feel. Like Game Over for example. What he said was horrible. He had every right to be banned. Some people are very religious and spend 1/6 of the day studying and praying for they're religion. When they hear what somebody says like Game Over did, they would be VERY offended. I just can't stand people who can't see the meaning of what they say.

Like in my current signature, I believe that life does not have an end. Heaven is an endless mystery impossible to explore. It is what you see whatever you imagine. If you think there are rainbows, pink clouds, etc., then that's what it will be like. If you believe it's an endless flower patch, then that will be it. I believe that it is nothing you can picture. It is just a wonderland of a new, never-ending adventure. To me, there isn't really a "hell". There is just Heaven, following what your deeds are on Earth, are reflected upon where your status lands upon Heaven.

It is up to God whether you will be a hero of a person's dream, or a greedy, selfish being who only wishes to harm others. He has a plan for everybody, and everybody will have a part of having their own "afterlife". Again, Heaven is all around us. When we die, our spirits are transported into another world of what we could never imagine.

Thus, I have nothing more to say upon Heaven and it's requirements. You decide your own path to Heaven. No body else can choose for you.

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Wow, it's posts like Khold's that really give me hope. That was great. That's my vote for post of the year. No kidding, well, if I remember it a year from now.
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I think Earth is heavenly already.  With all its horrible things, it makes nice things nicer.
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When ever I have something to say about my beliefs, I always have to get into the most detail possible. ;) I like to share things like this. I never really get the chance to any where else.

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The views expressed in this post are soley those of the writer and not meant to raise eye brows or infuriate people. (maybe I don't need to say that)

I agree and disagree with different things you said, Khold, but I won't insult you because I don't agree with some things.  I'm glad that you can share what you believe and stick with it.   However, I just couldn't imagine how there could be a Heaven in the afterlife but not a Hell.  If there was no other place that was a punishment for how we lived our lives, then we could do whatever we wanted and still make it there with no problem.  But if there was no Heaven it would be even worse because we would want to do whatever we pleased before facing the unescapable horror that lies ahead.  Without counsequences, does it really matter how we live?

Many people may think that getting to Heaven is all about doing more good things than bad, but I don't believe that.  I believe that you need to believe in Jesus and that He died and came back to life to make a way to escape Hell and come to Heaven (because He loved the world, past, present, and future, and wanted to save it), ask for forgiveness for living the wrong way and work on slowly changing your life with His patient help, and then try your best to follow His commandments that are said in the Bible.  I don't know if it's possible to become a "perfect person" but my goal is to become like Jesus as much as I can and only do what He wants me to do (His perfect plan for my life).  I often have trouble with this and need to keep asking for His help with that and other things, but I know for sure that He has changed me a lot so far and is still changing me and showing me things I need to work on (but encouraging me through it too).  I believe that no one is born evil with no hope of changing and that everyone has a chance for a new life because God loves everyone and wants them to come back to Him no matter what they've done or how people think of them.  And that this is the only way to get there and nothing else will work.  John 14:6 says "I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except though Me." I know that this offends many people but it's what I believe.

But... maybe Heaven does have pink clouds, you never know XD.  I read a book once about a guy that supposedly went to Heaven and came back and he said that there was lots of incredible music coming from everywhere.  He also said there were some animals there too so... yay for animals! (hopes there's dinosaurs!)  And it's funny becauese every time I hear about someone talking about going to Heaven and coming back they say that they forgot some things about it, which makes me wonder if maybe Heaven is so awesome and huge that our human brains can't comprehend it!  Makes me think.  But I don't know if Earth can be hardly anything like Heaven because it just seems like there's much more evil than good in it.

And in case you're wondering why I post here so often compared to everything else... I guess that I just like learning about what people believe and understand how people see life. (I'm not trying to change people's minds, I just want to give my thoughts about things without being forceful or unkind.  I hope I don't sound like that.).

Oh yeah, and I agree with the Christmas/Halloween thing because traditions are traditions and some people may just say that because they've always done things like that and don't know or care about the real meaning behind it.  I know that could sound bad but if that's what people think and are used to doing just for fun... I don't see why it could be offensive.  I could say a lot more about this but my knowledge behind holidays isn't very... good.

Edit: Btw, why was Markio's statement so profound?  Just curious.

Edit II: When I think of "A Survey This Is" I sometimes think of Yoda speaking that.  "A survey this is, hmmmmMMMMMM?"
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Edit II: When I think of "A Survey This Is" I sometimes think of Yoda speaking that.  "A survey this is, hmmmmMMMMMM?"

Yeah, that's what I thought when I first saw the thread title. Speaking like Yoda you are.
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I like yoda :)! There's a guy in my school who can talk like yoda and make it seem so funny!
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I'm agnostic, so I'm not quite sure wether god exsist or not. In other words, I picked Unsure.
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Strong with the Force, young pt_peach is.

lol! But seriously, this topic is now about grammer which is so off topic.
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