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So a new Mario game came out today...

Paper Mario: The Origami King

Once again, a fairly flat Mario must save the kingdom/world/universe against a non-two-dimensional menace.  This time, a evil origami madman is compressing and folding all the residents of the Mushroom Kingdom, and Mario must save the day!  Team up with a GOOD origami gal and fight the three dimensional forces of evil and chaos.

If you were a fan of the traditional Paper Mario games (the original and Thousand Year Door), I will say that this new entry feels more like a traditional Paper Mario RPG game.  The battles do feature a heavy puzzle element, but (for the most part) you can brute force your way through the battles as if you were playing a traditional game.  The music and oddball humor is intact, though.  I will say that I've yet to get bored while playing -- which is good, as I got tired of both Color Splash & Sticker Star half-way through each...

If you don't mind the game being a bit different, you'll probably enjoy yourself.  In fact, this is arguably the best Paper Mario we've had in years.

Back to more obscure stuff next week!


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