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Summer of Mario: GAME & WARIO


Wario & crew on the Wii U in...

Game & Wario

Unlike the other Wario Ware titles, Game & Watch consists of a smaller number of more fleshed out minigames.  Using touch screen, motion, and standard controls, work your way through the twelve minigames to earn coins, which can be spent on a variety of prizes.  The focus here is really on having a weirdly wide variety of games featuring different playstyles.  Shoot down enemies in Arrow, snap photos of suspects in Shutter, race down the hill in Ski, assemble picture puzzles in Patchwork, bounce across the platforms in Kung Fu, create images in Design, fly Ashley through weird skyscapes in Ashley, drive & shoot UFOs in Taxi, and play a rhythm-based motion controlled pirate-themed thing starring Wario in Pirates.  There is a lot of variety (and weirdness) here.

Multiplayer games include Sketch (a bit like Pictionary), Fruit (one player hides while the others try to locate them on the television screen), Disco (a rhythm-based game involving tapping the Wii U Gamepad), and Islands (fling Fronks at targets).

If you want standard Wario Ware gameplay, there is an additional game -- Gamer.  In Gamer, you are 9-Volt, a child who is supposed to be sleeping.  You are in bed, playing WarioWare -- and you have to avoid being caught by your mother.  As you play through a series of traditional WarioWare microgames, be ready to instantly "fall sleep" and hide your system just before Mom pops in and catches you!

Game & Wario is a fun, weird collection that can only really be played on the Wii U due to a number of games featuring dual screen support.


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