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I'll admit- I enjoy playing Xbox more than my DS, especially since the online service is much more advanced.

I would like to expand my friend list with people I know, so competition is more exciting. Really though, I look forward to jamming with fellow Xbox-playing Forum-goers on Rock Band and/or Guitar Hero III.

My Xbox 360 is still in the mail, and my account died a while ago, so when my new Xbox arrives and I get a Gold card I'll post my 'tag.

Post your Xbox Live gamertag, as well as your most-played games.

EDIT: Please do NOT spam this thread with comments such as "I wish I had an Xbox" or "You're not a true Mario fan".

Bird Person = Bird Person
bobman37 = xbobman37x Now Playing: Halo 3, Rock Band, Guitar Heroes 2 and 3
Br26 = EBEnthusiast Now Playing: Rock Band, Guitar Hero, GTAIV
CrzyFlmingMnkyHead = Some1WithN0Name
libra346 = libra96 Now Playing:
Lizard Dude = Lizard Dude Now Playing: BioShock, Space Giraffe
TEM = A Happy Dog Now Playing:


lolol my !'s went off the page.

That should not have happened......  Perhaps Deezer should get that looked at.

Anyway, I don't think bobman is a traitor any more than I am a traitor for owning a PSP and not wanting a DS.

People who call others "traitors" for getting other game systems = biased n00bs.
People who double post = double-posting n00bs.
People who use more than three exclamation points without ones to indicate sarcasm = exclaiming n00bs.
Bobman can like whatever console he wants. He just won't have much of an audience posting an Xbox Live gamertag here.


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