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Just got a 360 and I'm Live. They call me A Happy Dog.

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Cool. Do you have any games yet?

I've been addicted to Hexic achievements recently. I have one more plausible achievement left (no way am I going to try to beat Survival mode or make a flower of Black Pearls...), and then I'll start playing more Gears of War and possibly Halo 2.

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Sorry for the bump but indecision has me torn. I have 1600 Microsoft points. Which games should I buy?

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A Happy Dog got me severely addicted to Marble Blast Ultra. I probably would never have bought it but I kept seeing him playing it and tried it. The multiplayer is ho-hum but the singleplayer is tubular. I have always been a big fan of games that are all about flawlessly executing very specific tasks as fast as possible.

If you are looking for multi-, Bomberman LIVE is always a good time.

Puzzle Fighter is my favorite puzzle game.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is on there if you want a big singleplayer game.

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I could go for Bomberman LIVE. Good multi is almost a must... replay value + pwning it up with friends. If UNO is only 400, I might get that and TMNT 1989.

Also I just discovered the majesty that is downloading game demos. I played three minute intervals of Beautiful Katamari for hours the other day, and my xbox is currently downloading the skate. demo.

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I do not have fun with Uno. I guess if you're a big Uno fan or something it could be fun, or when played with people you know and just talking casually and stuff, but against non-talking random people, it bored me horribly. Automated Uno it's like: pick one of two cards or maybe you have to draw. Repeat 800x. Game over.

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Really? Maybe I'll skip it then.

Big news... I finally got all the achievements for Aegis Wing. Just now beat the game on Normal for 190k+. Beat your score, Lizard Dude :)

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Beat my Boom Boom Rocket score, then we'll talk.


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After owning and playing Donkey Konga, Taiko Drum Master and Guitar Hero rhythm games that just use a normal controller make me yawn. Not because I'm super awesome at them and I can beat them effortlessly, but because the game mechanics bore me.

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What are you going off of here? Have you played Gitaroo Man and Space Channel 5 Part 2? Those both pwn the pants off of something like Beatmania, which has a big fancy controller but is a crappy game (although historic).

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I bought a year's worth of Xbox Live. Let's play games :)


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Let's shoot each other in the face in Halo 3!

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Also, good news! I found another full game on Xbox Live Arcade for free. It's called Yaris, and I haven't figured it out fully yet, but it feels like a mix between Ridge Racer, any car game with shooting and the bonus Chaos Emerald stages in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 where you run around with Tails behind you and collect coins. I'm going to go Wikipedia it now to find out more about how to play.

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Little brother is buying his own Xbox Live. I should now be the sole user of the account xbobman37x.


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My gamertag ez "w1llch3at4food"

I play: Guitar Hero 3, Gears of War.

Play with me please....