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This thread is for Friend Codes for WarioWare D.I.Y.  The full list of Wii Friend Codes can be found in the stickied thread.

WarioWare D.I.Y. DS Friend Codes:
Luigison: 0389 1212 6448
Lizard Dude: 4125 7461 6057
Phred: 0947-4796-1419

Wii Friend Codes (WarioWare DIY Showcase Wiiware):
Luigison: 4893 4649 9600 3720
Phred: 7879 0097 4130 3564

I'll be adding anyone from this thread and will get the DS game tonight. I already downloaded the Wiiware title.

Lizard Dude:
Lizard Dude: 4125 7461 6057

LD, I added you.  Connect to WiFi when you get a chance and try my SMB level.  It has two errors now, but I can fix them easily tonight.  As always with this sort of thing I welcome criticism and am happy to help if needed. 

Edit:  Actually, it only has one minor visual error if you click a certain area soon enough, but that doesn't effect game play.  The other thing I was thinking about was a way to make the mushroom move more efficiently that would allow me one more object to add in.

Edit 2:  Fixed the error and optimized the mushroom movement, but noticed the mushroom goes behind Mario and I'm out of actions for that object.  I now have an open object slot, but I'd rather use it for another addition if I can find a way to further optimize the mushroom's movement.  I wish this was a full game development kit instead of just for micro games.  I keep getting reminded of things that were so much more open even though they weren't as easy in GBA programming. 

Lizard Dude:
It's a nice microgame. I played it 63 + 1 times. Your version is always SMB-accurate, but it would be better gameplay if the Mushroom could randomly appear in either ? Block. I haven't made any games yet so I don't know what exactly is possible, but the preloaded games seem to do variations like that.

Interestingly, I had a bigger thrill discovering that the regular blocks were breakable than finding the coin or Piranha Plant. Sometimes it's the mundane stuff.

I'm semi-intrigued, but am still on the wall.
I got the Showcase though.
7879 0097 4130 3564
I wanna see what people are doing before I go out and buy DIY itself.
EDIT: Okay, I got it. I'll add everyone.
I wonder what kind of games I'll make...


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