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More possible leaked NX images...

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More possible leaked images of the NX controller have been posted to Reddit.

I'm not going to get into anything related to the controller, my question is, "What language is the keyboard in the upper left using? 

Lizard Dude:
That controller is the fakest fake this side of Fake Street. Nintendo would never, ever, never ever, never ever ever use "virtual" touchscreen buttons for active gameplay control, which is what that controller would require for any ports / Virtual Console games.

(But if it is real... DANG do I want to play that system's WarioWare)

The Chef:
The biggest tip-off that these are fake is that they're all directly based on the supposed patent images, which usually don't become exact final products, and also the fact that none of these photos seem to show the console itself (unless the NX is just a controller?).

Loving the tree reflection in the top-right. Very artistic.

It was an okay reflection. I've taken better pictures, tbh. I'm sure that fake is great at reflecting trees though.


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