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Hi! I'm new here.


Flaming Red Yoshi:
Hey, I'm new to the TMK boards, but I've been coming to this site for a long time.  I was *wondering* when he was going to put up a message board!  Anyway... WELCOME ME TO THE BOARD! :p

I'm the Flamin' Red Yoshi!
(no, that doesn't mean I flame people, it just means I'm a red Yoshi on fire!)

Welcome the board F.R.Yoshi. I have one word to say to you. Yoshi!

I am the best RPG villian ever.

Don't eat from the Super Happy Tree!

Okay, I'm just joking.

Welcome. If you have any Mario Fan Fiction questions, just ask me.

(this is said in a british accent)why hello little girl(or boy!).well all you have to do is to follow the golden rules.if cuss or start a flame war you'll be banished from the message board.so cherrio!

matt gulley


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