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Hey Kat, check your eMail (nothing to do with Mario)


Hey Kat. Check your eMail (the Kat on, not the Cat one). BTW your "What if Mario..." post was um...interseting. Yeah they would probably spank it for awhile.

Doomba, King of the Goombas

Are you shure you sent it to the right one? I've checked all my e-mail adresses at least thrice and nothing has been sent from you... :/ ... *hmm... perhaps my grandmother's computer has seen it's day, either that, or I need to get my @ss offa aol, and quick ^_~. Oh, and if you thought that post was odd...*don't* read what Lita put. ;}


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You got AOL? Well I downloaded IM to keep intouch with....friends. My screen name is Cancersoldier (I know I'm going to get a bunch of IM's when i post this but oh well). Sey hey some time and ill send you some picks through that okay? Later.

Doomba, King of the Goombas


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