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I retire from this message board.

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This message has been canceled. I'm back....

Edited by - Yoshi348 on 6/2/00 8:50:48 PM

I doubt anythign will change by then, Yo'ster. Just ignore those topics...Don't leave!

Kweeh! Kweeh!

Agreed my friend,
if you ignore them they wont have any satisfaction in the site and will leave to find some lame Pokemon page.
From a point of view, they will win if you leave and we would loose a very knowlegeable Mario fan.
there is no need to quit


Just ignore them. Or if worse comes to worse, talk to Deezer. He might be able to do something, since he's a moderator/adminsitrator.

If it dosen't improve, I'll talk to him m'kay? Till then, stay.

Ok! It's nice to find good people like you.

Brwee Braw!


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