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Rare Super Nintendo items wanted!

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I am building a SNES stand up arcade machine and am looking for a few rare items for the US Super Nintendo.  If you have any of these or know where I can find them (besides ebay) let me know.

I need:
- An adapter that allows you to hook up more than one SNES cart. into the console at a time (very rare).
- An adapter to play NES games on an SNES (rare).
- Arcade style controllers (easy to find).
- A cheap 3.8 mm (I think) secruity bit (easy to find but not cheap on ebay).
- Plans for the Nintendo Super System, Player's Choice, or other Nintendo or similiar arcade stand up video game system.

I plan to use several SNES/NES/GameBoy games on the system.  Here are a few I may use:
- Tetris + Dr. Mario
- Super Mario Kart
- Mario RPG
- Super Mario Land 2 (GB using Super GameBoy adapter)
- Mario Bros. (the original arcade game on NES w/ NES to SNES adapter if I can find one)
- Mario Paint?

If you have any suggestion let me know.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Luigison (dr_shows@yahoo.com).

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For the games, try Ebay for sure. SNES games are EXTREMELY cheap on Ebay. It's the people who keep bidding on them that runs the price up high. I don't know about the other parts, but I suggest doing an MSN search, or a Google search. I bet you could find something. Try your local pawn shops or fleamarket, also. (You can find some good deals at fleamarkets, you know).
I will search for some parts for you when I get the chance.

Off Luigison's topic, but I think TMK is looking foir an American SMB3 manual. I can get one and scan it from my local video store if the booklet is still there and if I can rent it, if the game's still there at all, for that matter.

Thank you.

Stupid inventions- Ejector seat for helicopters.

I have all the games.  I need the stuff in the "I need:" section of my post.  Also any ideas or places to find the items.  I have looked at pawn shops, gamestop stores, ebay, etc.  Does anyone know of any online resellers?  

Adapter to play NES on SNES-  http://www.gamersgraveyard.com/repository/snes/peripherals/super8.html

I only did one post to check if I was doing the HTML right, but I still have more links to give you. Right now the NES/SNES adapter thing is $59.95 at the cheapest.


Stupid inventions- Ejector seat for helicopters.

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Build or buy your own arcade controllers-

Can't find SNES adapter for more than one game at a time, plans, or 3.8 mm security bit. Sorry, I'll find some eventually.

Stupid inventions- Ejector seat for helicopters.


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