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A Mushroom Tale: The Beginning

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Is it OK if I write part of the story?

Sure, as long as it's serious.

If at first you don''t succeed, try until you run out of syrup.


"Bowser!" the brothers yelled as he emerged.
"What have you done with Princess Peach!" Mario demanded.
"Oh," asked Bowser, "She's been kidnapped too?"
"Don't play innocent with us!" said Mario, "We know that you kidnapped her."
"Listen," said Bowser, "My children were kidnapped too, I'm betting that it is the same kidnapper. If we work together we can probably get them back a lot sooner. If you want to help, meet me in front of my castle tommorow morning."
"Sure thing," said Luigi.
"Luigi!" yelled Mario.
"You know that we can't trust Bowser! I mean he's only kidnapped the Princess 200 times!" said Mario sarcasticly.
"Mario, Bowser has never lied to us before. I believe him."
"I can't believe that you trust him. Why he's the most..."
"Just give him a chance, OK?" said Luigi

Its been a while since you wrote part of the story. Did you just forget or are you sick of writing it?


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