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Nintendo DS Learning Curve - Control Pad?

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It is awkward to control. It was made with the notion that using the touch screen to move the characters would feel at all natural. There was a little wrist strap-like thing packaged with the first DS model. You were meant to loop it around your thumb so this sliding plastic pad would rest under it and serve as a thumb-stylus for the touch screen.

So it operates under the assumption that you were going to draw circles to throw Bowser. In the original game, if you defeated him at the end with 120 stars, he would tell you "keep that control stick smokin'", referring to the way you throw him. In SM64DS, the comment is rewritten to be about the touch screen.

Totally weird. That thing wasn't included with the DS Lite or any other incarnation of the DS. Maybe it worked better than I remember? Don't know. Don't have one anymore. I just dealt with the D-pad. The game is much more natural-feeling on a 3DS. You don't get a real full 360 degrees of control from the circle pad, but it at least makes swinging Bowser around easier. I think the touch controls probably didn't go over so well, because DS games that I played after that either went all-out with touch controls that a controller could never do, or all button controls as if the touch screen weren't there.

So that's what the mystery strap was for.

Lizard Dude:
I got all 150 Stars using the thumb nub. It took a long time to master but once you did it was definitely superior to the d-pad. The only other game that I remember that had nub-sticking was Rayman DS.

The Chef:
You're making me wanna try that, although I'm not sure if I still have the thumb nub...

In Rayman DS, the virtual control stick on the screen stayed in one place I think, while the SM64DS one got dragged around the screen if you went past the edges. I always wondered if that worked better, but never got to try it.


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