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Post your optical illusions here!

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[darn], that may be the worst mistake I've made in recent memory.

Try and find what's wrong with this picture.

Tis a shock image. Dragged it to my desktop before it was too late, not that it's overly frightening.

we have more coming like that soon!

I saw the post that said it was a shock image and decided to scroll off screen (it did look a bit grainy to be a normal .jpg). Time passed, I returned to this thread, and it did the shock thing right in front of me. Darn it.

...why am I liking the tingly chills that go down my spine when that happens? Is there a psychological disorder name for that sort of thing?

And CrossEyed, you can flip out as much as you want over that prank, but you knew it was going to happen. See, what I do when it comes to optical illusions is I shove the window to one side so that I see only a portion of the illusion. And I turn off the sound because they like throwing in scream sound effects. Most pranks of that type are time-delayed, so you just have to wait for the tiny sliver of the screen to change.

Hey, someone please create a GIF or optical illusion that cuts to the "smile dog" image in the Freak Out thread. That dog image freaks me out every time.

*finds link to dog image, returns to thread, scrolls down to my post* GOD [darn] IT! Every time I go by that image!
Oh well, here's the smile dog image. Do NOT click it by accident. I don't even know if the link still works, that's how scared I am of it, especially since you can't hide it off screen fast enough if you click the link.

EDIT 2: Seeing a small version of a shock image does wonders for making it less scary. You can just hop onto Google and do a search for it. Looking at it, it's not quite that scary. But like I said, make it the only thing you can look at and it all changes.


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