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A Mario Adventure--creative title, huh?

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Roy Koopa:
Hello.  Roy Koopa here.  As some of you know, I draw Mario comics based on Mario games.  I still want to share them with you all someday on the net, but until then, maybe I can practice some just text stories here.  My first attempts at the Story Board "Super Wario RPG" were just written off, so I'm starting my own.  If you want to contribute, go ahead.  I just ask that you please follow the line of the story, and don't bring in non-Mario characters.  Okay, here we go!


It was a bright morning at The Pipe House.  Mario was already awake and cooking some breakfast as Luigi continued to sleep in.

"Weegie!  You snooze you loose, bro!" Mario called into the bedroom.

"Wha?  Oh come on, Mario, it's only 9:30!" Luigi grumbled, "Let me sleep a little longer..."

"I think somebody forgot that a certain Princess from Sarasaland is visiting a certain Princess from the Mushroom Kingdom today at 11" Mario said with a smile.

Luigi's eyes popped open.  In a flash, he showered, got dressed, and was at the breakfast table.  "Thanks man," Luigi said, "I nearly HAD forgotten that Daisy was coming today.  How do I look?"

Mario looked away from the bacon and glanced at his bro.  The plumber looked just like he always did: tall, a bit lanky, big mustache, blue overalls, green shirt and green hat.  "You think maybe I should wear the green overalls and the blue shirt today?"  Mario just laughed.

"Luigi, stop being so nervous!" he said, "You don't have to try so hard to impress Daisy.  I'm pretty sure she likes you, anyway."

"Ha!  Easy for you to say.  You already have a Princess!" Luigi replied.

Mario laughed again.  "Come on, Luigi.  Who else could she possibly have interest in?"

"It's just that..." Luigi started, "It's just that we're so different.  She to be on the move, to be daring.  Me, I like to stay out of trouble when it can be avoided.  I like her so much, Mario, but I just don't know if she likes me"

"Luigi you are such a pessimist!" Mario said with a smile, "Who would Daisy possibly want to date besides you?"

At that moment, the door flew open.  "HELLO THERE!" a voice said from the doorway.  It was Wario, an old "freind" of the Mario Bros who always wanted to show them up at every turn.  Wario came strolling into the kitchen with his usual wide grin on his face and evil look in his eye.

"Ever here of a doorbell?" Mario asked angrily.

"I was just walking by your house when I overheard that the lovely Princess Daisy was visiting today." Wario said, "So I thought I would join you two today to meet the nice lady.  So, when do we leave?"

"YOU can leave now," Mario said, "WE will be going to the castle without the likes of you."

"Whatever, I'l go alone then," Wario said, "I want to meet this Daisy one-on-one anyway.  Later, losers!  Heh heh heh!"

Wario slammed the door as he left.  "Good ridence" Mario said.  he looked back at Luigi, who seemed worried.  "What's wrong?" Mario asked.

"You don't think Daisy would go for a guy like...Wario, do you?" Luigi asked nervouly.

"WARIO?!  Are you nuts!?  No girl would fall for him!" Mario said, "Let's just get going, okay, Weegie?"

"Yeah yeah, sure sure.  And don't call me Weegie."

--to be continued--

And don't worry, action is on the way!

Really Roy I think that with your talent you should have this whole story to yourself like Billy Chilly and I do. I know you can write some positivly downright interesting storys from your immagination. :-)

It''s a me Marionut#1

o well,i'm gonna help.
<wario now at the castle sees and goes up to Daisy and peach,mario and luigi pearing in from behind.>
Daisy:what is that absoultely HORRIBLE smell?
Luigi:Whew,she hates him already!
Wario:It is I,the great Wario,coming to see you,the lovely princess Daisy!
Peach:And what do you want!!
Wario:Why,I simply want to meet Daisy,seeing how lovely she is!Don't be so Nosey!
Luigi and mario jump out of the bushes
Luigi:Daisy would never go out with a smelly freak like you,Wario!
Mario:Yea,<smiles>Hi peach....
Daisy:I love him,but not his smell,look at his muscles,they're soooooo big!
Luigi:Now you see why I was worried Mario!!
Mario:this is too weird.
Luigi:But Daisy....
Daisy:Ah shut up,Luigi.I'm taking Wario,either get yourself a nother girlfriend or do something to make Wario seem like junk!
Wario;This'll be good....

"If it''''s a joke, laugh at it"
All hail the almighty oreo master

Roy Koopa:
"Luigi?  LUIGI!!" Mario yelled.

"Huh? Wha?  Oh, sorry Mario.  Must've been daydreaming." Luigi apologized.  He thought back about the horrible day dream: 'Ah shut up,Luigi.I'm taking Wario,either get yourself another girlfriend or do something to make Wario seem like junk!'

"I just wish there was someway to show Daisy how much I like her.  Plus, showing here that Wario isn't so impressive would be nice, too..." Luigi thought.

The brothers continued on their walk to the castle.


"I-I'm sorry, s-sirs, b-but your not on the invitation list, so I really c-can't let you in," a meek Mushroom Guard said to the infamous Wario Brothers.

"WHAT?!" Waluigi imediately shouted, "How dare you turn away the great Waluigi, Mario Tennis Star Tournament Champion!  I'm famous!!"

"Now, now, Waluigi," Wario said calmly, "There is an easier way to settle this."  He then conked the guard on the head, knocking him unconsious.  "See?"

"Right as always, bro!" Waluigi said, "Mweh heh heh!"

The vile twins entered the Mushroom Palace.

Princess Peach was showing Princess Daisy around the castle and telling her about Bowser's most recent attack ("Paper Mario").  "And in there is the kitchen where I cooked this fat Shy Guy a cake so he'd tell me some vital information...And in there is where the Hammer Brother had his quiz show...And that's where Twink would go out to tell Mario anything I needed sent."

"Hmm..." Daisy said, "So King Koopa actually stole your castle right out from underneath you huh?  You guys need better security."

"We upped it after Bowser took the castle Power Stars," Peach defended, "How does one prepare for a Castle-napping?!"

Daisy laughed.  "Yeah, I guess you're right."

"HELLO! HELLO! HELLO!" a voice suddenly called from the doorway.  Two brothers in overalls and hats entered the room.

"Mario?!" Daisy said confused looking at Wario. She then leaned over to Peach and said quietly, "Boy, he's sure changed since I last saw him."

Peach gave the Wario Brothers a cold look, crossed her arms, and responded, "That's not Mario.  That's Wario, and that's Waluigi.  I'm not sure how they got in, but I have a feeling somebody got hurt."

"Nobody important," Wario said innocently.

"Walu...Wali...Walui..." Daisy was trying to pronounce.

"Waluigi.  We met on the tennis court, remember?" Waluigi said.

"Nope.  I don't think I played you guys." Daisy stated shrugging.

"Amature..." Waluigi said under his breath.

It was just then when the real Mario Brothers entered the room.

"Peach!  Glad to see you, as alwa-wa-What are you doing here?" Mario said to Wario.

"Free Kingdom." Wario said slyly.  He then turned to Daisy.  "Say, did you know that I own my own Island?  Fought off some Pirates to get it, too."

"Really?" Daisy said, genuinly impressed.  She did like adventure, after all.

"Yep.  I've been on all sorts of adventures." Wario bragged, catching on that this was Daisy's cup of tea.

Luigi shrunk back behind his brother.  Mario turned to him.  "What are you doing?!" he said, "You've been on all sorts of adventures, too. Don't let that guy out do you, Weegie!"

"But I only go on adventures to help you," Luigi wined.

"And Wario only goes to help himself.  Now will you just talk to the girl?" Mario said firmly.

"Okay," Luigi said.  He walked over to wario and Daisy.

"...and it turns out it was really this giant clown-monster!  Whodathunkit?" Wario was saying.  "Of course, I trounced that loser, too."

"Hi Daisy." Luigi said.

Wario stopped talking and gave Luigi a nasty look.

"Hi Luigi!  What's up?" Daisy asked with a smile.

"Oh, nothing.  I just wanted to say--"

BOOM!  Suddenly, the wall crumbled away in a massive explosion!  Then, all at once, Shy Guys of all colors began invading the castle.  Following them all came the military leader, General Guy.

"All right, men.  You know the orders!   Comence Kiddnapping!  Move! Move! Move!" General Guy ordered.

Mario imediatly leapt to Peach's side.  Luigi and Wario stayed with Daisy.  Waluigi, who had been snacking on orderves (sp?), countinued snacking.

The Shy Guys just stood there, however.

"What are you waitng for, men?" General Guy demanded to know.

"There are two Princesses, sir.  Which one do we take?" a Shy Guy responded.

General Guy obviously had not been prepared for this.  "Uh...Hold on.  Let me think of the briefing..."

Just then, in another explosion--BOOM!--the other wall was blown away, and giant spiders and flies entered the castle!  They were followed by a lion creature.

"Sphynx!" Mario yelled in recogniotion. (NOTE: Sphynx is what I always called the first boss of Mario Land.)

"Ah, Mario.  We meet again!" Sphynx yelled, "I come in the name of the great Tatanga!  He wants a word with the princess, Daisy."  It was then that he saw the two princesses. "Um...which one of you is Daisy?" the lion asked confused.  "Oh, screw it, JUST TAKE ONE!!" Sphynx ordered.  His troops advanced.

"Don't be caught unaware, men!" General Guy ordered, "Just take one!"

In a confusing barrage of Shy Guys, Spiders, and Fighter Flies, the Brothers (both sets) were unfortunately overcome.  The thing is, each evil general took the wrong princess!

"I told you this place needed better security!" Daisy said angrily, "Let me go you stupid Shy Guy!"

"Ick!  Stop it!" Peach yelled at a Fight Fly carrying her.

The princesses were carried off in opposite directions.


"I can't beleive you let them take her!" Wario said pushing Luigi.

"Hey, you didn't exactly save her, either." Luigi said in his defence.

"Guys!" Mario said, "We need to get on this and now!  I'm going after Peach.  Luigi, you go after Daisy."

"WHOA!  I am going after Daisy!" Wario said.

Mario, seeing this wasn't going to be solved anytime soon just shrugged. "Fine.  Wario and Luigi, you both get Daisy."

"Does that mean I come with you?" Waluigi asked Mario.

Mario just rolled his eyes and left. "Wait for me!" Waluigi yelled follwing him.

Wario and Luigi just stared at each other.

--to be continued--

:)  KinopioToad, I hope you don't mind this.  I thought of it at work and want ed to do it this way.

Roy Koopa:
<out of story note>
Roy here.  I just wanted to thank Marionut#1 for his kind words and encoarage others to post some feedback if they want to.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing/reading prople's reactions to my stories!  And keep an eye on this story--I'll keep adding on regularly!


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