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"Distortions" is Here!

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I thoroughly read and enjoyed every chapter. Highly recommended.

Hey, thanks! But wait... I sent that to you over a year ago, right? Well, in any case, be sure to give me some official feedback on one or both sites if you get the chance.

New everything! Check it out! Boomark it! Shout it from the rooftops, etc.!


Judging a book by its cover
Distortions arrived today.  The front cover is a high gloss image that uses radioactive ink (possibly for tracking purposes).  The back cover is also high gloss black and seems designed for easy fingerprinting of suspects/readers like many current handheld electronics.   

It's what's inside that counts
Except for the pages that aren't numbered.  A couple of those are beyond counting--the personal note and dedication/thanks pages.  The little bookmark/card included was a nice touch, but I'm one of those horrible people that dog ears the pages.  The pages themselves are bright white with high contrast bold black text.  So far the stories make me think of a young version of Damon Knight or Harlan Ellison with a touch of Robert Silverberg or Orson Scott Card. 

Edit:  See below. 


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