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Love&Darkness: Vol. I - Available Now!

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Why, thank you! I suppose they might not have thought a review for a relatively obscure work would get many reads, but maybe you can post it on your blog instead...

As for the cover... yeah, I had something more interesting in mind, but as a long-distance collaboration between myself and a busy graphic designer, a little "settling" occured for the sake of an end-of-2012 release date. Though I think he did an excellent job with Distortions, his work in sculpture and painting has seemed much stronger to me than his 2D cover work for whatever reason. Might fly solo on the next one. :/

Updated original post with a link to L&D Playlist. Please do check it out!

Ebook has finally been released exclusively for Kindle! Check out the new link above in the main post!

Mega-bump: After much soul-searching, I decided to go and actually make that book look good on Kindle! That, and I fixed some typos, which I count as cutting the less-great entries. Give it a look if you haven't already, and spread the word!



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