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The custom touches are nice.  I thought the detached vacuum pack was a Tamagotchi at first.

I was in a bit of a lull period but I knocked a few more customs recently.

I saw someone in a Facebook group do this and wanted to give it a try. I made a Bob-omb from the 1993 movie. I used a "Da Bomb" windup toy as the base, and swapped the feet with a TOMY dog windup. The key is from a Bob-omb K'nex figure. The only problem I ran into was the screw on the dog windup was stripped. I had to pry it open, and all the pieces fell out. I put it together the best I could, but it stopped working. So its done, it just doesn't walk right now. Luckily the windup toys are cheap and I will give it another go soon.

Here are a few more that I just finished in the past few weeks.

- SMB1 Mario
- Flying Luigi
- The oddly colored Luigi from the 1986 anime movie "Super Mario Bros.: The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach!"

That bob-omb is a pretty cool idea.  I hope the source toys aren't collectibles in their own right, though.  Who knows?  Maybe there is even a TOMY Forums out there, where people make drumming dogs using parts from Mario characters. 😛

The best commercially available bob-omb that I know of was filled with sugar.

Been in a bit of a lull period but knocked out a few more customs recently.

First is Foreman Spike from the SMB movie. I used a He-Man: Masters of the Universe Fisto figure and repainted the beard. Funny enough, the body I used was a Lou Albano figure. I'm still working on the tags for the hat and shirt.


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