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--- Quote from: DeadAwake on April 24, 2023, 04:39:00 AM ---Holy heck, these are incredible. 😮 I will have to come back later to fully digest.  I like the Jnco look and wouldn't change a thing.

That Yoshi figure sounds extremely rare (and looks cool, too).

--- End quote ---

Thank you! This was the first time I attempted painting a reptile, pretty happy with it.  It's a shame the FB page isn't up anymore. I hope the people who ordered them got theirs shipped.

Here is one I did at the start of the year. I turned a Fire Bro into an Ice Bro.  There is an Ice Bro in 2.5" scale but not 4" scale. The other custom I just finished yesterday, which is Fire Peach.

That's so cool.

Even with my limited painting experience, I do know it takes serious skills to achieve such smooth finishes.  If you hadn't said anything, I would have assumed they were originals.

Thank you, appreciate it! I was always into art as a kid, so its nice to expand on that hobby here.

I'm running out of ideas for customs lately, but do have one planned. The next wave of 4" figures includes Builder Luigi. I plan to get an extra and paint him in the colors from the 1986 anime film.

Here are a few more.

- Koopa Clown Car
- Cape Mario
- Wing Cap Mario
- Shadow Mario
- Powerups (classic Fire Flower, Propeller Mushroom, Gold Flower, Red POW Block)

Colour me impressed

I decided to make Flying Mario from Super Mario Galaxy. While not a favorite powerup at all, I figured I'd make it as I have a bunch of extra parts just laying around. I'm in the process of making a Flying Luigi as well.


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