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Mario and Luigi soared through the air. They loved visiting dinosoar land. They loved the mountains, the forests, and the vast underground tunnels. But most of all, they loved cape flying. it was so much faster and smoother than using a raccoon tail.
"Mario!" cried peach from below. "watch out for the parakoopa!
But she was just barely too late. Mario crashed into a passing parakoopa and fell to the ground.
He picked himself up. He looked at the parakoopa. he was a bit strange looking.
"Oh No!" he cried jumping around. "My wings! Now I'll never get to the king!"
"king?" asked mario.
"yes! He needs this urgent package!"
"I didn't know dinosaur land had a king." said Luigi, who had just landed.
"He recently conquered us. Now, if you could help me-"
"Conquered you!? That's what we're for!"
"yeah!" said luigi, "wer'e the Mario Brothers! We do stuff like this for a living!"
"oh, you don't have to go to so much trouble as tto overthrow an evil tyrant. if you could just give me a lift to-"
"Look, if all of dinosaurland is being oppressed, then we really should step in and help."
"Oh I don't mean to impose."
"Oh, not at all."

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Chupperson Weird:
Alrighty! Screech is back!

"Thus has it ever been! Thus shall it ever be!"

Mario and luigi grabbed a few more capes and set off, with the erratic koopa in tow.
"Where did you say this guy's castle was?" asked Luigi.
"Over the cookie mountain. through the forest of Illusion. Across the soda lake, into the mouth of the giant stone koopa. there's a run down castle there. He stays there. Where he oversees the progress of a supersecret weapon, that he plans to use to destroy all nations that stand in his way!"
"okay then." said mario, "Looks like we're going to need some transportation." he said.
He led them to a place where three trees grew to form a rooflike structure. there was a fireplace, a mailbox, and a comfortable looking armchair.
"Yoshi!" cried mario. Luigi, Mario, and the koopa spread out to look but Yoshi was nowwhere to be found. The koopa picked up a peice of paper and looked at it for a while. then he threw it into the fire place.
"what was that?" asked mario.
"Oh it was just a note from yoshi."
Mario and luigi turned and quickly fished the note out of the fire. it was burned a bit but still mostly intact. it read:

If you find this note, please help us! We are in terrible trouble. He has captured most of us. Please. the only way to defeat him is-

The rest of the note was burned off.
"This is terrible!"
"I'll say! His handwriting is like chicken scratch!"
"No! Not that! The yoshis!"
"Oh. That too."
"Now what do we do?"
"I guess we have to go to the valley of bowser, on foot."

The world would be a much cleaner place if people would eat their own trash.

this board is really inactive isn't it?

Mario and luigi moved onward to the Doughnut Plains. Capes were abundant there. and, luigi managed to remember a shortcut they took, before.
"Through the star road! there should be a giant key hole around here somewhere!"
"But to get there we would have to go through the doughnut ghost house!" cried the koopa.
"So?" said mario. nothing in there but boos."
"Have you ever been in a ghost house before?"
"Uhh... Yeah. we're the mario brothers."
"then you know about the floating green bubbles and huge disembodied eyes and flying books and evil monster pianos and the music that plays in the basement all the time!"
"wait!" said luigi. "Don't tell me you are afraid of ghost houses!"
"well, who isn't? all that silly cartoon horror is just...too much for me to handle."
Luigi sighed. "how are we going to get him through?"
"I have an idea." said the cowardly koopa. "why don't we just go AROUND the house.

The world would be a much cleaner place if people would eat their own trash.

Insane Steve:
Yep, this is a really inactive board.

This is a great story so far. I was awaiting another part.

I tried to write a Mario fanfic. Once. It took up 55 pages in a spiral notebook and had 3 endings. Most of it was written between 10pm-1am for about 2 weeks. It was hilarious, but the problem was that it had way too many real world refrences in it.

Some of which included: The Weakest Link, White Castle, The Weekly World News, a made up place called "Sam's Pool Hall", and even my major evil character was completely made up. (I named him Jack.) I'd say the plot, but it really doesn't exist. Kind of. In fact, I think I'll read it today for a laugh. (I wrote it about 6 months ago.)

Ah well, that veered hopelessly off-topic.

I don`t suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.


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