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The Hero's Blood

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As I mentioned in the "The Prophecy" topic, I have a fanfic of my own to post, well actually the end is not complete and I am decifering it from my sandskrit-ish handwriting. This is also my first story that I have ever posted anywhere so I ask that ya'll be gentle with your resposes. Uhhh... without further ado...

               The Hero's Blood

"When all the light has faded, and all hope seems lost, a single glimmer of light shines through the darkness, and a hero shall emerge."

Prelude to Disaster

    Luigi woke with a slight scream. A disturbing dream of a desolate wasteland that was strangly familiar had woken him. From across the room, Mario uttered something about sleep and began to snore softly.
(By the way, * means a person is thinking:D )

    *That's the third night in a row,* Luigi thought to himself,* I should write this down.*

    Creeping down the stairs, Luigi jumped at a creaking sound. It was the floorboard. *I must still be jumpy from that dream.* He tried to calm down as he entered the kitchen.

    He pulled back the rug to reveal the door to his sanctuary, the basement. Here he kept his diary, containing his most private thoughts, his secret feelings, and most of all, his fears. Flipping through the many pages he finally reached the last entry.* Dear Diary*, he thought as he wrote, * I had that dream again. The one where everything was destroyed and everybody was gone. Tonight, it was somewhat different, as it was ending, an erie echoing voice said the words "Hero's Blood." What does my dream mean? Why am I having this same dream? I am afraid.*

     Those last words he wrote sent a chill down his spine. He went back to bed, but something was amiss. Writing in his diary usually soothed his nerves, but tonight he was gripped by a foreboding feeling that something terrible was going to happen, as those words,"Hero's Blood" echoed through his mind.

So there's the first part of my story, let me know what you think. If you like it, tell me and I'll post more. If you think its flakey, tell me and I'll post anyway. HAHAHA, being in control is sweet.( cricket chirps ) uhhh... anyway this is my story, so I hope you like it.:D

p.s. When I gave my teaser in "The Prophecy" topic, I said hope again instead of light D'oh!

I''m not lazy, I''m just... uh...

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Sweet!  Another fan fic!

Yay! My first reply, Now I'll try to be as cosistant as possible with posting but it might be a few days between postings because I have a job and a serious relationship with the most beautiful person in the world( to me anyways), so anyways, I have decided to do some dedications.

To Crystal: For being supportive and putting up with me.

To Dairy King: For pointing out every grammatical mistake I make.

To Sapphira: For inspiring me to finish this story and for giving me the courage(EEK!) to post it.

To Hirocon: For being the first to reply to my topic.

Uhhhh... thats all for now.
More posting soon, I hope.^_^

I''m not lazy, I''m just... uh...

Dairy King:
Bluto, I just finished reading(well.. What I could make out) your story. Wow... Thats one good story. Eee Hee hee!! I love having a brother who is the starter of this! I could spoil everything, but that would just be down right mean-iriffic of me. So.. Stick around and read it! Its really suspenseful! It'll leave you sittin' on the edge of your seat screamin' "OH GOD!! PLEASE HAVE HIM POST THE NEXT PART SOON!!!" Really. (By the way, he didn't pay me to say all those nice things about it.)

I am poetry in motion. You are gibberish in neutral.

You're welcome! Wow! A dedication to me! Thank you! ^_^

Anyway, your story sounds GREAT so far! I'm glad you decided to post it afterall! Please continue!

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