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Quest for Destiny! : All Worlds Share the Same Sky...

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I'm reading it.

Destiny Smasher:
Wow. I wait two months and get 'I'm reading it.'

Now do you realize why I have not been posting here?

Maybe if people visited thsi forum a little more often and posted posts with semi-meaning, I'd bother to put my fic up.

If you really ARE reading it, I'm up to Chapter 30.

Go to Fanfiction.net (I have the link to my fic above) to read more.

Your World, my World...What''s the difference? There is none. Our worlds are all connected by the same sky...The same Destiny...It''s beginning...A War...But when the time comes, whose side will you be on? And whose side will Fate favor?
Only time will tell...Time is of the essence...Your Quest for Destiny is underway, my friend...But will you find the path that suits you within the chaos of War...?

The Other Brother:
WOW! People! Why aren't you reading this. This is a great story. I just read up to Chapter 33 and I want to read more. I liked how you kinda split everyone up after the Melee battle was over. It gives it like I don't want to stop reading cause I have to find out what goings to happen feeling. When do you plan on posting your next chapter up on fanfiction.net???

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