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Quest for Destiny! : All Worlds Share the Same Sky...

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Mario Maniac:
This is a very good story, almost better than "The Prophecy" (sorry Sapphira)! :) I am glad this story isn't heavily filled with drama and misery.

Destiny Smasher:
Um...Errr...Well, I only post on forums where people BOTHER to review my fic, ya know...

So if you DO like this story and wanna keep reading it, you should post.

I've heard the Prophecy is good. I'd read it myself, but haven't the time right this minute...

Drama and misery? Errm...Wel, actually, this story is very dramatic, and there's a big block of stuff WAY later on that's miserable...Ya know, war tends to be that way.

Anyway, just to remind you, this isn't only about teh Yoshies. You just have to be patient and read to find out. :)

But drama, emotions, etc. are KEY to the fic. Granted, there's plenty of action, and plenty of romance later on- No, not usually quite as bad as soap operas...At least I don't think so...SOmetimes the main point of a romance will be purely comedy.

Yes, anyway...


Chapter 3- On a New Journey...

The sun shone brightly on their faces as they entered Yoshina Village. The commotion had died down, and Yoshi figured it was because the villagers had realized that complaining was no use.

But why was no one doing anything to help find them? Why had he and Fireball been sent out to investigate, and not the adults? Yoshi and his two best friends were about to find out very shortly.

As they assisted the hurt Tarts into the town, she begged to go and see her parents, to let them know she was allright.

"Oh, don't worry about that right now," Yoshi told her. "Fireball can go and tell them. We need to bring you to the castle to get some help there. Besides, a Yoshi can't run on an empty stomach, can they?"

Fireball let out a huff of sorts. Yoshi could have at least asked him if he even wanted to go run this little errand.

But he cared for his pink friend, and ran off to her residence, while Yoshi helped the girl into his huge estate.

The townspeople were all quiet, or so it seemed. After getting in the main gates and down the entrance hallway, they reached the throne room. No one was there at the moment, though.

"Where is everyone?" Tarts mumbled, feeling a little nervous.

Yoshi glanced around suspiciously.

"I...don't really know..." he admitted.

"Come on."

He led her further into the castle, to the dining room, it's enormous table extending quite a distance.

And there, at the end of the table, sat a plate. A single, solitary porcelain plate covered with pancakes and red, strawberry syrup.

The two figures stared at it for a moment in silence.

"Well...I guess that's your breakfast.." Yoshi mumbled, shrugging.

Tarts, still aching a bit here and there from her earlier ordeal, sat down slowly at the table and picked up the shining fork that sat on a napkin beside her meal.

As Yoshi hustled into the kitchen nearby to inspect the area and see who was there, Tarts suddenly realized just how hungry she was, and dropped her fork on the red, shining tablecloth, and within another couple of seconds, had engulfed her pancakes with the swipe of a tongue.

Yoshi came back in calmer than before. The chef, Louey, was at his side and asked how the food was.

Tarts answered with a satisfied, "Oh, thank you. It was very nice." After hesitating a moment, she asked, "Um...Is there any more?"


The shaking Tarts was showing earlier died down when she talked with her parents. She assured them that she fine, now that she was home.

What she didn't know was that staying home wouldn't last very long.

In fact, her life was about to change quite dramatically. She would soon be intertwined in something that would throw the balance of all worlds out of whack.

Her parents didn't seem to want to let her go, but the King informed them that he had to speak with their daughter.

"I'm terribly sorry, but now is the time..." he whispered to them as Yoshi led Tarts into the next room as his mother requested.

The white father Yoshi and red mother Yoshi both nodded, seeming to know fully well what was going on.

Tarts was oblivious, but she was certainly not alone. As Fireball joined up with them in the long hallway leading to a spiraling staircase, he spoke up.

"Do you guys have any frickin' idea what the HECK is going on?" he asked quietly.

Yoshi shook his head, eyes wide, while Tarts just shrugged.

"I TOLD you," Yoshi reminded him, "My stomach hasn't been feeling right. I have a gut feeling that something really bad is up."

Tarts nodded solemnly.

"Yea...I know.." She sighed sadly.

She then realized that she still didn't have any shoes on, no saddle, or anything.

She blushed for a moment, but just kept on walking. The carpet floors of the castle felt good beneath her big Yoshi toes.

They finally reached the hallway that led to their bedrooms, and the room at the end that had once held the Gold Egg. That beautiful Golden Egg was missing, though. They didn't really notice this at first, as King Raptalcon was blocking the passage to the room.

When they spotted him, they immediately quickened pace.

As he spotted them, his thoughtful eyes lit up and he called out, "Young ones! Come forth!"

"What does he think we're doing?" Fireball grumbled, panting down the hall.

After a moment of no sound but the pounding of feet against the floor, they reached His Majesty and paused.

After taking a quick breather, Yoshi glanced up.

"Dad? What's going on?" he questioned.

He then stopped as he saw the glimmer in his father's eyes. A proud glimmer. It was as if his eyes were made of diamonds.

"Ahhhh....The day has come.." he murmured.

Yoshi lifted a brow.

"Huh?" he mumbled, confused.

"What do you mean?"

Raptalcon shook his head with a smile.

"Oooohhh.....My boy," he stated, "The day has come for you all to fulfill your destiny." He let his teeth shine out in a grin.

They all stared at him, perplexed.

"...Rrrriiiight..." Fireball muttered.

"And.WHAT, exactly, does this have to do with our friends missing..?" He rotated his hands around, motioning the King to explain.

He laughed out humorously.

"Well....Everything!" He cleared his throat and returned to a more serious tone of voice.

"You see..." he began, feeling embarrassed. He trailed off for a moment.

The three younger dinos exchanged confused glances for a few moments.

The King cleared his throat quickly.

"Let me try to explain a little bit.You see." He was still at a loss of words. Trying to phrase it right wasn't coming to him.

"Just spit it OUTt! We haven't got all friggin' day!!" Fireball grumbled.

Tarts glared at him in shock.

"Fireball!!" she growled between grit teeth.

"That's RUDE! He's the KING!" she scolded.

With a roll of the eyes, Yoshi shook his head and turned back to his father.

"Just.Tell us, dad," he begged.

His Majesty nodded solemnly.

"You see, kids.Something happened last night."

He stepped to his side to reveal the entrance to the white walled room at the end of the hallway. An empty stone podium sat there, and the room was slightly dark, as the only light entering it was pouring from the small window.

They all blinked a bit, their eyes wide.

"Hey, uh, isn't there supposed to be a big, shiny egg there or summin'?" Fireball mumbled.

"Yea!! The Gold Egg used to sit there!" Yoshi realized.

"OH!! Right!" Fireball cried. "That thing was sweet @$$!"

Tarts shook her head, puzzled.

"Wait.Why is it gone?" she questioned, shrugging.

Fireball snapped out at her, "Well, DUH! Somebody must have taken it."

Tarts huffed and rolled her eyes in a very fed up kind of way.

"Well, GEE, thanks for telling me. I think I figured that one out before you did, ya big-"

"Oooookay, oookay." Yoshi muttered, waving his hands in front of her.

"We don't have the time, guys," he informed them.

He turned to his father now.

"All right. So.Who took it?" he wondered.

The King nodded and scratched his chin carefully.

"I have strong reason to believe that it was Kamek." he mumbled uneasily.

"KAMEK?" Yoshi asked, not sure he had heard right.

Fireball added in, "That old fart's still ALIVE?!"

The King nodded, his eyes wandering.

"Well.Why would he take it?" Tarts pondered, tapping her index finger against her cheek.

"To sell it or something.?" Yoshi suggested, unsure.

"No. No, no!" Raptalcon assured.

"I know exactly why he took it. Because he knew its true potential." The wise monarch turned his back to them to face the window of the room, and he stepped slowly inside, his wondrous royal red cape flapping elegantly behind him.

The others followed him into the room, waiting for him to explain further.

"You might be wondering why I sent you two to find Tarts instead of doing it myself." he muttered, directing his words to Fireball and Yoshi.

"Well, the truth of the matter," he began, "is that.we.can't actually LEAVE." he mumbled out, embarrassed.

The three teens stared at him, their jaws slightly dropped.

"..Rrriiiggghhhttt." Fireball murmured.

"Uh.Where's the Queen? She's probably a little more sane than him, right?" he guessed.

Tarts growled out, "Stop insulting him, you moron!! Why do you have to be such a jerk?" she snapped at him.

"Why do you have to be little Miss Perfect?" he countered.

Her face fumed. She took a deep breath and decided to let it go, for Yoshi's sake.

"Wait.What do you mean, dad? Why wouldn't you guys be able to leave.?" Yoshi asked in a quiet voice.

The King bobbed his head.

"Apparently, the Golden Egg which used to rest in this very room was stolen last night, as you know. After Kamek stole it, he somehow broke it open, and-"

"Broke it OPEN?" Fireball's jaw dropped.

"How the he** did he do THAT? Musta needed one he** of a sledgehammer."

Tarts had the urge to shout, "You idiot! He used magic, DUH! He's a MAGICIAN!!" but she let it go once again.

"No, actually," the King corrected, "He had to have used a good combination spell." His Majesty scratched at his chin a little before his eyes snapped awake once more.

"Anyway, the point of the matter is that the explosion of the Golden Eggshell had some effect on every Yoshi in this village. None of us can use our magical capabilities, nor can we exit Yoshina Village. Quite a predicament, wouldn't you say?" he looked back at them, a thoughtful gleam in his eyes.

"That doesn't make any sense!" Yoshi objected. "If none of the Yoshies can leave or use magic."

He paused a moment and raised his palm in front of his face.

After a moment of staring at it, puzzled, he called out, "Egg Smash!" Upon doing so, a white egg with light green spots came out of a green cloud and into his hand, ready to be thrown at a target. "How come I can use magic, then? And how were we able to leave the Village and come back in?" he finished, looking back at his dad, his eyes narrowed.

The King smiled warmly.

"That is because you three are very different than the rest of us. 'Tis your duty to find your friends and restore the Gold Egg to its former glory."

They all stared at one another for a few seconds. Why did it seem so strange.and yet make so much sense.?

Right from birth they had been heroes, saving the Super Happy Tree from a teenage Bowser. But this was a lot different.

The King nodded, expecting their reaction.

"I thought you'd understand it. Now.Fireball, you explain to the parents just what exactly is going on. Tarts, you go see the Queen. And Yoshi, you go and prepare yourself. I believe Alex should be waiting in the kitchen for you. He has something that should prove useful."

After the King had addressed them, they went about their assigned duties without delay, knowing that this was urgent.


A few minutes had passed, and Yoshi had made his way into the kitchen, a glamorous room of white and red walls. Its floor was that of a shining white tile, each square had a red 'Y' printed onto it.

A plastic island jutted out from the middle of the room to create a counter for cooking. A stove was attached to this part, but there were two other stoves on one side of the room, and a giant refrigerator on the other. A doorway opened up on the opposite side of its main entrance, which led to a huge storage room.

There didn't seem to be anyone in the room at the moment. There didn't SEEM to be. But there was.

A small, swift white shape dashed up from behind the 'island' in the middle of the kitchen and greeted Yoshi.

"Hi, champ!" he cried, the little propeller on top of his head spinning wildly.

It was Alex, the White Fly Guy and one of the King's trusted viziers.

Yoshi let out a sigh. Just like when he was a kid. "Hey, Alex," he replied, his voice sounding a little depressed.

Yoshi walked onward and sat on a stool that was leaned up against the 'island' counter. His serious eyes stared into the gleaming white surface of the counter as he laid his head down on his folded arms.

Alex showed a sympathetic look and hovered next to him.

"Why the long face, sport?" he asked curiously.

"Don't ever call me 'sport' again," Yoshi grumbled, his voice muffled by his arms.

"Oh, come on.Aren't you excited? I mean, I've been waiting YEARS for this day. When you got to go out into the world and be a great hero and what- not." he trailed off.

Yoshi's brow furrowed and he raised his head.

"What the heck are you talking about? How does everyone KNOW about this?" he demanded.

Alex hesitated a moment.

"Well, Yoshi.It's hard to explain. All I can really say is that we all saw it coming. We all knew you'd be a great figure in our history from the day you were born."

He cleared his throat and continued.

"I mean, you're an excellent leader. All of your friends see you as the 'leader of the pack,' don't they?"

Yoshi huffed and lowered his head again.

"Yea? Well, then why do they have to get on my nerves so much sometimes.?" he grumbled between his arms again.

Alex laughed.

"Oh, don't be ridiculous! You're just angry because your friends are missing!"

Yoshi growled a bi, but Alex didn't seem to hear him.

He suddenly burst out, "Well, of COURSE I'm angry!! Why do you think I have a 'long face?' Geez! I mean, I've gone out and done.heroic.crap before, but.My friends were never GONE OUT OF THIN AIR!!" Upon shouting this, Yoshi threw his arms out and slammed them onto the counter.

Alex remained very quiet for a few moments, but then decided to give Yoshi what he was supposed to.

He silently soared over to a nearby drawer and pulled it open slowly. Inside was a leather backpack, its surface tinted with a light brown. It had a large pocket on the outside, and a simple flap to protect the main sack area.

He tugged it upward and dropped it onto the counter in front of Yoshi's face, which had calmed down a bit.

He paused a moment, his eyes wide with surprise.

He pawed the brown pack a little with his hands, but before he said anything, Alex piped up, "It was your grandpa's. Your dad thought it could prove useful."

Yoshi was a little skeptical. A wussy little brown backpack was supposed to be useful?

Alex chuckled at his expression, but not quite as loudly as he had last time.

"Put something INSIDE it," he urged, waving his hand vertically.

Confused, Yoshi searched around. The refrigerator!

He knew they'd be needing food if they were going to be traveling a lot.

So he swung open the massive fridge door and grabbed a juicy melon. He shoved it into the backpack, and then jammed a couple of apples in, too. Next came in some bananas, and some grapes, and some strawberries, and some watermelons.Before he knew it, he'd realized he might have popped the thing with so much fruit.

And yet.It was fine. Puzzled, he gazed inside. A mass of colorful fruit met his eyes, and he squinted at it all. It looked like three times what the backpack appeared to be capable of carrying.

Blinking wildly, Yoshi placed the brown pack onto the counter slowly and turned to Alex.

"..Oh," he spat out, now understanding why it could be so 'useful.'

"Yes, I thought you'd see what I meant," Alex muttered, smiling.

"But, uh.Anyway, in the front pocket there you should find a map of Yoshi's Island. It should help guide you when you're lost, so don't lose it."

Yoshi nodded and slipped it onto his back.

"Well.Thanks a lot, Alex," Yoshi mumbled with a sigh.

"I, uh.gotta go. I'll see you later." With that, he started to exit the room and head upstairs.

"Don't you worry, champ! I'll see ya 'round! Stop by now and then, ya hear?!"


The warm, royal red walls of his bedroom greeted him with a blend of loneliness and joy.

As he strolled through his room, reminiscing about all the good times he'd had in here with his friends, he now realized how much he wanted to get them back.

After staring at posters and figures of various people he knew, he reached his nightstand, where sat a portrait of he and his Yoshi friends. The friends he'd grown up with.

He suddenly paused and grabbed it firmly within his green hands. He slowly lifted it up to his face and gazed into it.

All of his best Yoshi buddies were all around him. Their bright faces shone forth from the frame. He smiled warmly at the photo.

Himself, about to set sail on a new journey.

Fireball, the wise crack of the group. The lazy red one who always seemed to get on girls' nerves. Yoshi had been friends with him from the beginning.

Tarts. One of his best friends from birth. A cute, pink bundle of joy. And yet, she could be such a grouch when she was angered. Sweet, yet sour. He liked that.

Surfer.The light blue, laid back, enthusiastic one. The optimistic one, who always saw things from the light side.

Snoball. The pure white tomboy. A feminist through and through, but definitely not what you might call a 'girly girl.' Snoball was similar to Tarts, but her tough side showed more often than her soft. Always honest and sincere, Snoball was one of Yoshi's better friends.

Termite. An odd one, indeed. The brown, muscular brute. Not too much brains, but a lot of brawn and a lot of raw power.

Cruiser. A calm, cool, collected orange. He liked to take the hard way and speed through things. But you could always count on him.

Buzzsaw. The bully, the meanie, and the nasty brat. A poisonous purple who tried to be tough and 'cool' like his older brother Boshi, but always seemed to fail and be looked down upon. He tried to take lead o the group early on, but everyone saw Yoshi as a better leader than he.

Sandy. A bright, usually cheerful girl. A shining yellow who loved to chat, Sandy was very sincere and caring, but could also be annoying and self centered when not in a good mood. Whenever she was feeling upset, everyone around her seemed to sadden as well.

Shadow. An intelligent black who loved literature and science. He loved to explore, but did so with a thinking mind, always planning things out. He wanted to be an archaeologist when he grew up and loved studying the ways of the ancients.

Ivy. A quiet dark green who always got shy when surrounded by too many people. Ivy had moved into Yoshina Village about five years beforehand, and she had been accepted as a friend very quickly. It remained a mystery where she had come from and why she didn't like to talk about her past, but they all knew for certain that it was dark and sad.

Yoshi's eyes glazed over and a tear almost trickled down his big cheek. Who had kidnapped them? Why?

"I'll find you guys." he murmured aloud, but slowly and quietly.

"I swear it."

It was at this moment he was caught off guard by a soothing, slender hand, which rubbed his right shoulder. He spun around to see Tarts' long face staring back at him.

"You mean WE'LL find them." she added with just barely a smile.

She had adorned some new garb, including a pair of black sandals on her big feet. A bright red saddle rested on her back, and Yoshi pointed to it and asked, "Isn't that.mine?"

Tarts grinned and nodded, blushing a little.

"Yea. Your mom said I could use it. Feels good," she replied, patting it a little.

"Oh.Well, uh, that's good." Yoshi mumbled, putting his portrait back down.

She also was wearing a necklace. Just a black string around her neck, which had a smooth, ovular jewel on its end. This came to rest right on her chest.

This jewel was an emerald green, and embedded in its center was a sphere of solid gold.

Yoshi was shocked when he realized this was his mother's engagement necklace.

"Isn't.that.-?" he muttered, wondering why she was wearing it. Tarts' eyes widened as she looked down at it affectionately.

"Oh! This! Yea, your mom said she would love to see me wear it. I like it a lot. You?"

She glanced back up at her green friend.

"Yea. It looks pretty good on you," Yoshi admitted, tightening his pack.

It was time to go. The cogs of time were turning, and wouldn't wait for dawdlers. It was time. Time for a new journey to start. A journey that would bring the fate of many together. The biggest journey of Yoshi's life, possibly. The biggest journey of all for many awaited. But what would be the outcome?

Only two things would decide. Time, and Destiny.

Destiny Smasher:
This Chapter is meant to be laid out like a regal document, etc. You'll get the hang of it. If you know everyone in here, then you've played a good selection of games- this will help you to better understand later storyline stuff.

Here's some suggestions for games that have some storyline important to this fic...

Mario RPG/ Paper Mario
Yoshi's Island/ Yoshi's Story
Ocarina of Time/ Wind Waker
Sonic Adventure 1/ 2

Hm...Yep. Anyway, there will be PLENTY of surprise characters, too. I'll try not to ruin anything.

But if you're a Squaresoft/Nintendo/Sega/Capcom fan like me, you WON'T be disappointed...At least I don't THINK so...

Chapter 4- Magic 101

Here it is written the laws of basic magic for ye who know not how magic works.

Quote the words of Eldstar, Leader of The Honorable Star Spirits.

Magic is the ability to summon forces from the heart and spirit. Anyone has the capabilities to use magic, but not all harness the powers from within their soul to use it properly.

It can be used for good or evil, but it takes one main thing to be able to use it to its full potential- practice. Lots of practice.

There are many types of magic and many types of ways to use it. Magic can attack, defend, assist, and add various effects to those it is used upon.

All in all, magic is becoming better understood and being used very commonly today all over. Many residents of our planet, commonly referred to as the 'Mushroom World' but officially known as 'Stellon,' have harnessed the abilities of magic.

In particular are noted the Yoshies. Yoshies are now known to use magic in many ways, and their uniqueness in color variations seems to have a connection with this.

We Star Spirits have founded a great school in the midst of Star Haven, our capital city. We have declared it the Star Haven Academy of Magic, and have succeeded in schooling many students to the ways of magic. There seems to be no limit to the possibilities we may obtain from studying into this matter further.
Quote the words of Frogfucious, the wise amphibian philosopher and poet.

The mystical powers of nature are at work all around this world of ours. As more and more magical abilities were being discovered, I immediately started categorizing them into the many elements of nature itself. I was one of the first people of our planet to recognize all of the element types of magic up to date.


These are very common and just about anyone has the potential to learn how to use them. They involve mostly physical abilities, as well as enhancing ones, too, such as those that increase physical or magical attacking strength temporarily.


The powers of flame have been used in magic since magic itself began. Fire often specializes in pure magical power and damaging foes. Well known and used, fire magic is the choice of many a magic user. The heat of magma rests within the planet itself. The awe inspired by a volcanic eruption is just a taste of the powers of the flame.


Another crucial element of nature is water, and it's no surprise to me that this is another of the elements. Water abilities do various effects, but mostly damaging or lowering physical defense of the enemy for a period. Water is unique in the fact that it can be soft and gentle one moment, flowing like a stream, and then careening down in a fast current the next.


Electricity, oddly enough, seems to come more naturally to female users than males. Why this is true is yet to be understood. Nevertheless, the power of lightning is not to be trifled with. Some of the most immense magical abilities known to this day are electricity-based. The powers of the bolt are known to harm foes and often charge the power of an ally. The ferocity of nature's wrath becomes clear when a bolt of lightning rains down from the heavens.


The freezing capabilities of ice have been mastered by many a magic user, and it's no wonder why. The numbing properties of ice can be very useful in slowing down a foe or stopping them in their tracks completely. The raw strength of the icy mountain can tear a foe to pieces quite quickly when ice is used by a true magician. Nature's furious cold heart can eat away at the bone of a mere mortal quite easily.


Nature's whispers are among you wherever you go on the planet, and it shouldn't come as a shock that magic users of all sorts have learned to change the winds to their favor. The wind is known for its swiftness and agility, so anyone who wishes to out speed their foe should master the abilities of the air. When Nature shouts out in fury, the winds of our planet can become very deadly in an instant.


The mighty planet is composed of stone and earth, and magic can take the ground and shift it accordingly. Rock and stone are known as the most powerful physical force in magic. Physical defense and raw attack are their specialties, as well as shifting the ground itself. The unbreakable mettle of the planet's crust is not to be taken lightly, for the mere shaking of the earth beneath ones feet can cause massive destruction.


The cruel ways of disease and toxins are taken advantage of by many who wish to be sneaky. Poison is a dangerous type of magic that often focuses on shifting the enemy's status to favor the user. Poison slowly eats away at one's well being, making it very risky to fight. The ability to harness the powers of chemicals and waste can make your foe's life a bit shorter than expected.


Nature's beauty can clearly be seen in the essence of vegetation. The blooming rose is quite wonderful to look at. However, as you know, it is not so nice to touch. Plant type magic controls one of the most obvious matters of Nature- its lush beauty that should remain un-touched. It harms, helps, and restores. Plants are almost everywhere you go- the forest, the plains, and even underwater. Plants co-exist with the planet itself, and without them, life might not exist at all.


The pure rays of light that beam down from the sun itself have served the purpose of magic well. The sun's energy is often used to aid allies and brighten the darkness that presides before one. It often represents the good, kind, and pure hearted, but not always. Although the sun is warm and polite, it can be dangerous as well.


Commonly used by the forces of evil, darkness is the most feared of magic types. It blinds, terrorizes, and batters a foe until there is nothing left. The evil essence of the heart brings out this magic in its most powerful form, but not everyone who uses dark magic is evil. When used for the powers of good, darkness can help defend allies from its wicked power. Wherever there is darkness, however, there is light. And wherever there is light, there is also darkness.


The final element type is that of the heavens. Star abilities call upon the spirit of the sky to aid one in battle. But the Stars are often unpredictable, as is Star magic. Just because you make a wish, it doesn't mean you'll always get it granted. But sometimes luck will be on your side, and you may get more than you asked for. The gracious energies of the Power Stars themselves can take flight into the palm of your hand if you master this element.

And thus, I have concluded that magic and nature come hand-in-hand, and together they govern our world, as well as many others.

Quote the words of Spekkio, Master of War and Magic.

It is with good tidings I greet whomever might be reading this document.

Well now, for all those morons out there, magic has been around straight from the beginning. I should know- I was there! But magic is not always used properly or for the right purposes.

The power of magic all depends on the faith of the caster and the strength not of their fist, but of their heart. If you fight for a cause true to your heart, then the energies of nature can be yours to command.

Practice is also important. With more experience, you will be able to perform magic abilities beyond your wildest dreams. And don't think for one moment that just because you're some bum out in Hicksville, Nowhere, you can't use magic.

ANYONE can use magic! The only things that limit you from this potential are your mind and your environment. If you're having trouble with the spiritual powers coming to you, then find a place that is beautiful to your heart and try there. Your chances of success will be much higher.

But the most important thing to remember is to use it well and proud. Never brag about your abilities. No matter what, you will never know everything. Heck, I used to think I knew it all, but I got the facts set straight a few times until I realized that I wasn't the biggest man on campus.

Just be confident in your own skills and stay true to yourself. Trust me, it'll come to ya.

Quote the words of Keapora Geabora, the Wise and Watchful Owl.

Many a trial have I seen magic prevail. The power of Din, the grace of Farore, and the love of Nayru. Mine is a world where magic presides over all, and if one wishes to vanquish evil, magic is what one might prefer to use.

One must also be watchful of their surroundings. You never know which shadows are your friends, and which ones are your foes. Light, dark, it makes no difference. Power, Courage, and Knowledge. They tie together all that I needed to use magic. But it is not these three alone that will get you there.

Many factors come into play, and many of them you will have to find out on your own. But it is through adventure, tragedy, anguish, joy, and merriment that character is made.

And it is character, my friend, that will get you through everything and anything.

Here it has been written.

Words of the wise passed down to those newcomers to the world of magic.

Fate has sealed the souls of many together.

And it is through their trials that friendships shall be built and broken.

The Destinies of the few shall be bound to the fate of the many, and it will be theses few that shape the future of everyone around them.

Good, Evil, Light, Dark. To Fate, it doesn't matter who wins. But whose side will YOU be on when the time comes?

The War of Fate is beginning.

Your Quest for Destiny has already begun.

Destiny Smasher:
*sigh* Meh. No replies, eh? Well, no matter. Time for more...

Chapter 5- O, Yoshi, Where Art Thou?
He sucked in a deep breath and relaxed. The moist air swam down his trachea and into his lungs as he could feel himself becoming one with his environment.

How he had arrived in this place upon waking up was still a mystery to him, and yet he wasn't worried about it whatsoever. Because he was a very calm, laid back kind of fellow, and he knew that either he'd find his way back himself, or his buddies would find him first.

Then, finally, he opened his eyes. They met the wet, damp atmosphere of Aqua Cave. This location was off to the southeastern corner of Yoshi's Island, and a river flowed through its wide, open spaces, soaking everything within. Of course, there were semi-dry spots of rock here and there that jutted out of the ravaging river.

He tilted down his sunglasses slowly and scanned the area around him once more, now remembering exactly where he was, and realizing where to set his sights on going next. He ****ed them back upright and started to stand up from his cross-legged position.

His bare, sky blue feet met the smooth, water-worn stone and rested there a few moments. His meditating session was now done with- now it was time to head out for whatever awaited him.

He was Surfer. One of Yoshi's better friends. The enthusiastic one of the group, he could see the good side of almost everything. He wasn't exactly one to carry on a conversation with, but he didn't need words. It was all in the body language with him.

And now, as he slipped on his dark blue Yoshi boots, he was faced with a bit of a predicament. A river was cascading all around his large stone isle. Where was he to go next?


A groan escaped her as she rubbed the back of her head, dazed and confused.

"Sh*t.." she grumbled, remembering what had happened.

Her half closed eyes stared straight upward at the rock walls around her. This cursed stone barrier had her stuck in a freezer. She decided that her time would be better spent looking around than lying helpless, so she rose to her feet again.

Her sore legs almost buckled under her own weight as she started to walk.

Her head still throbbed from that stalactite of ice that had crushed it some period of time ago. She couldn't tell just how long ago, as she was inside a giant cave of some sort.

Ice was frosted along most of the walls, and any light that poured in from holes in the higher walls was reflected across their smooth surface to light up the place quite well.

Her eyes half closed, she started to meander around the area in search of an exit. Unfortunately, none could be found, at least not where she was looking.

She let out another anguished moan as she plopped down on a knee-high stone, her rear end sore from lying round on rocks while she was out of it.

As she took a deep breath, she wondered how any of this had happened. How did she wakeup in a giant cavern of ice? WHY did she wake up in a giant cavern of ice? And HOW was she supposed to get OUT?

She took a glance above her to stare at the awe-inspiring sight of this colossal, ice-plastered place.

"Come on, Snoball." she murmured to herself, trying to think.

"How would you get out of a place like this.?"

Snoball (spelled without a 'W' intentionally) was one of Yoshi's best friends.

She certainly wasn't the nicest persona round, but definitely wasn't the meanest, either. Although a tough, independent side shrouded her interior most of the time, deep at heart she was a caring, friendly person.

Her cloudy white skin made her blend in with her environs quite nicely, and being an ice element Yoshi, one might think she wouldn't mind at all where she was.

However, this was not the case. As a matter of fact, Snoball got sick quite easily in cold weather, and sometimes, it drove her crazy.

"An ice element Yoshi who catches a cold in the snow?!"

That's what many people thought, and Snoball got very embarrassed about it at times. She couldn't control her immune system, now could she?

Then there was the matter of her parents. But she very much disliked conversing about this topic.

And so, with another heavy moan, she asked herself when she would ever escape this place, and how she would do so.


The fresh air flowed around him gracefully, and he appreciated its presence after all the walking he had been doing.

His fat feet came into contact with soft grass as he finally exited the dark caverns he had just been inside. He knew where he was- the Chomp Rock Cave. Which meant he could probably find his way back.

He scratched his chest with his powerful hands and yawned as his fierce eyes scanned his surroundings.

His nose sniffed the clean air roughly. Pine. Lots of pine.

As a matter of fact, he was surrounded by conifers, but they weren't all too thick in density.

He let out a smile, and upon doing so, his teeth shone with a metallic silver. Their razor edges gleamed in the late morning sun, and he was proud to show them to the world.

He was Termite. At least, that was his name NOW. Originally, it had been Crash.

But when he was about ten years of age, he went off exploring where he shouldn't have been- off in Sledger Valley, westward of Yoshina Village.

This place was a gathering spot for Hammer Brothers and their buds to hang out and pick on whoever got in their way.

Unfortunately, Termite just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Because a couple of Hammer Brothers were looking for a test subject to use as a weapon of their own. They found little Crash, and immediately took him in.

Now, of course, the whole of Yoshina Village was in an uproar as to his disappearance, and a team was sent out quite promptly to search for him.

A day or two later, he was finally retrieved from the fiendish little turtles. However, they were horrified to discover an odd new trait Crash supported.

Metal, razor-sharp teeth. At first, his parents wanted them removed, but then they discovered that Crash actually LIKED his new addition. Apparently, his abductors were planning to use him as a little 'attack dog' of sorts.

So, they let him keep his unique set of choppers. His nickname became Termite, and the name stuck after six more years of having the odd razors in his mouth. Eventually, he outgrew them, but, oddly enough, had them replaced once in a while!

He decided to start training to be a strong and powerful bodybuilder, and succeeded. When compared to someone with rather slender arms, like Tarts, his appeared three times their size in thickness!

Perhaps this was one reason why he was a stone element person. Or maybe his brown coloring had something to do with it as well.

Either way, he was quite physically powerful, indeed.

His relationship with Yoshi wasn't incredibly close, but the two were friends, nonetheless. His closer buddies were still part of the 'group,' anyway.

He was one who didn't worry too often, and didn't know too much, either. A guy of common sense, he simply went straight to the point of something.

And right now, he was going to get straight to the point. What the heck had just happened that had sent him here?


His feet skidded to a complete stop, and he almost fell over on his face. Was he where he thought he was?

The warm air cascaded over him and invited him in. The ocean's calm waves called out his name. But, more importantly, the island off slightly in the distance beckoned him.

He muttered its name, almost drooling.

"Yo'ster Isle."

Yo'ster Isle was the most famous place for Yoshi racing. It had been some time since he had last been here. And as a matter of fact, Boshi had whupped his tail severely in a race.

That day he vowed he would train and TRAIN to be the fastest Yoshi there was in Yoshina Village. And he was almost there, too.

His idol? Well, Sonic the Hedgehog, of course. He would DIE to meet that guy anytime soon. What he didn't know was that he'd be meeting the blur sooner than he'd expect.

But right now, his sights were set on blazing across the ocean before him, about a mile or so, to the isle right there.

As the warm sun beat down on the beach he was on, he didn't care how he had gotten here or why- all he cared about was racing. That was the kind of guy Cruiser was.

He was always dependable, though. At least when you asked him to help you out.

He was good friends with Termite. The two of them had moved from Rose Town, a village off a little ways from Yoshina, both at the same time. After they arrived in Yoshina, they were overjoyed to know each of them had moved. They had been good friends there, and that didn't change after they came to a new home. Now they were part of the 'gang.'

But Cruiser was blinded when he saw a challenge. Like right now. He didn't think about his friends too much, or his parents who were worried sick about him. Just racing.

Of course, no one's perfect.

But this free-roaming orange Yoshi had been barred down to the immediate area of Yoshina Village lately, as his parents got tired of him running off wherever he wanted. But now, he was just where he wanted to be, and the annual Seabreeze Derby was about to take place very soon. He couldn't miss an opportunity like this!

He was born to be wild, after all.


His eyes cautiously darted from spot to spot, searching for any other traps. Anytime he stepped he could land in another one.

Drops of sweat poured down his neck as he tip-toed along. His day thus far had been long and agonizing, and he wished it would end already- although it was barely noon.

He wiped a hand across his purple face, and sweat dripped off of it.

He was Buzzsaw, a bully of sorts. He was always trying to be tough and 'cool' like his older brother Boshi, a re-knowned gangster. However, Boshi had stopped his thieving ways to be a warm-hearted guy.

Buzzsaw was still trying to be a big guy, though. He was always competing with Yoshi to be the 'leader' and whatnot. However, everyone didn't really like his arrogance, so they always shunned him about it. Buzzsaw wasn't the friendliest guy of the group, and therefore didn't have many good friends. He and Cruiser got along well, but that was about it.

He also had a little crush on Tarts, and was infuriated by the fact that she didn't want him. The thing that really pulled his string was that she wanted Yoshi- and yet, Yoshi didn't seem to be making any moves on her or showing that he wanted the same that she did.

And then, quite suddenly, he felt the blood rush to his head, his feet fly into the air, and the worlds around him flip upside-down.

A creaking noise was all he heard as he swayed to and fro softly. He then realized what had just happened.

He'd stepped on another of those stupid traps. A vine was tied around his right foot and he was left dangling on a thick tree branch among the many above him. He was in a fern-infested place with bushes and shrubs galore.

The dirt ground was barely visible among the vegetation surrounding him. He didn't exactly know where he was, as he didn't really like going exploring too much. He was in the northern region of Yoshi's Island, as a matter of fact.

He growled and started to shake his arms and legs, trying to pry himself free. Unfortunately, this didn't do anything but tire him out. His body floated there, panting and sweaty, for a minute or so until he made a decision.

He frowned sort of reluctantly and started to speak to what seemed like no one.

"Allright, allright." He folded his hands and started to pray to the Stars.

"Listen, I know I haven't quite been on the best of terms with you guys lately, but I'd really friggin' appreciate it if you guys let me know what the he** is goin' on!!!"

His eyes were bloodshot as he spat out the end of that sentence. But then, he took a deep breath and went on, much more calmed down.

"I'm sorry for the time I put Fuzzy fur in Sandy's sandwich. And.I'm sorry for the time I dunked a bucket of syrup on Surfer's bed. And.I guess I'm sorry for the time I put 30 spiders in Ivy's locker. And.I'm sorry for the time I almost melted Yoshi's Nintendo 64. Aaaand.Sorry for the time I almost cut Snoball's hand off with a ban saw.But that wasn't my fault!!..Kinda." His eyes nervously glanced around the shrubbery.

"I mean, the teachers should have been smarter than that. Geez, stupid idiots, leaving us dumb kids in the same room with sharp objects! Especially knowing me! Besides, after that, Snoball haunted me day and night, threatening to stab a butcher's knife through my guts!.She almost DID, too, no thanks to you guys!!"

He let out a huff after that and crossed his arms crossly.

He wasn't exactly the best one to carry on conversations with things he couldn't see. Or things he COULD see, for that matter.

But the Stars were listening. They always were. But it didn't always mean they could actually do something about it.


The weltering heat of the sun was clear and present, and it beat down relentlessly on her head as she wandered through this barren wasteland.

Her footsteps were plastered all over the ground behind her, and they created a wavy shape- indicating she had been walking in a dizzy state. When one was dehydrated, tired, confused, and stuck in the middle of nowhere, it was hard to walk straight.

She was in the middle of the Choco Dessert, located on the western edge of Yoshi's Island.

She muttered to herself as she paced onward.

"Like.I KNOW my name is Sandy, but.This is, like, TOTALLY ridiculous!"

Sandy was a sunshine-yellow colored Yoshi.

She'd been good friends with the gang since the beginning when they were kids and had saved the Super happy Tree.

She was a bright and cheerful girl who always looked at the up side of things. But when she was depressed, you knew it.

It was funny, actually- Whenever Sandy was overjoyed, it made everyone around her feel good. But when she was sad, all of her friends seemed to get depressed, too.

And right now, she was pretty upset. If there were any two things Sandy didn't like, they were being all by herself and walking long distances.

Considering she was under both circumstances, she was in no mood for smiling.

Her normally glowing eyes were half open and bloodshot, and her arms drooped in front of her, and her legs dragged across the sand.

Of course, she had questioned how she had gotten here at first, like all the others, but couldn't really think at all in her current state of mind.

She had no idea who was watching her and what they were about to do as a tall figure loomed over her in the vast wastelands of the Choco Dessert.

Her day hadn't been too happy- and it wasn't about to get any better, either.


The thick, beautiful growth of this lush forest enchanted her somehow, although she was frightened and alone.

The pungent smells of flowers were clear and present, and her nose would sniff ecstatically here and there, catching a scent it liked. But what she really wanted right now was an explanation as to how she wound up here. She knew she had never been here before, and that was certain.

Her body gracefully paced through this garden of sorts, but she was cautious not to touch anything, because most of it didn't look friendly.

Being a plant lover, she loved this atmosphere, but she didn't relish the fact that she was alone. She hated being alone, no matter where she was. Ironic, as she tended to be a shy hermit when she actually WAS around other people.

She let out a deep and longing sigh as her eyes fell to the grassy ground beneath her. Her delicate feet brushed against the ground softly in rhythm with each other, and she couldn't help but worry about what was happening.

Her name was Ivy- quite appropriate for her tastes in vegetation.

She could tell you which plants were safe to touch, and which ones weren't. Which ones had edible fruits, and which ones didn't. But getting her to talk was the hard part.

Unlike most of the 'gang' Yoshi seemed to lead, Ivy had not been around since the beginning. She had moved into Yoshina Village from her hometown not far across the ocean just a few years ago, so she was relatively new. But this didn't mean that people didn't like her.

Once she arrived, she was accepted quite quickly, as Yoshi and his pals made friends fast.

She was probably most closely attached to Sandy, however, and it was Sandy alone at this point that she felt completely comfortable talking with.

Her dark, pine green skin blended in perfectly with her environs, which was good- she didn't know what lurked in the bushes three feet behind her.

Her elegant motions were finally noticed among the trees and shrubbery as a young fellow came out through a tick and thorny bush, grumbling to himself.

His grouchy muttering was cut short as he caught sight of the fair dark green before him, and his dull orange body froze in shock as he fumbled for words.

Ivy paused as well, her eyes wide and wonderous. She didn't know whether or not this was a friend or a foe, but...at least it was SOMEONE, she supposed.

Before she could formulate a sentence to utter, this stranger let words spill forth from his own lips.

"Oh!...Uh...Hi," he mumbled, breaking the ice with a toothpick.

"You're a new face...You from these parts?"

Ivy's stomach filled up with butterflies as she moved her lips, but words failed to come out.

The orange Yoshi before her let her off.

"Oh, geez! I'm really sorry!" he exclaimed, trying to relax.

"My name is Alahd. Nice to meet ya. And you are...-?" He stopped, awaiting a reply.

Shyly, she answered, "My name is Ivy...Umm...Nice to meet you, too..."

Her eyes wandered to the ground as she decided to ask him a question herself.

"Umm...Could you tell me where I am? I think I'm a little lost..." she muttered, blushing slightly. 'A little lost' was an understatement.

Alahd smiled and nodded his head.

"Sure! You're in the Pyrana Grove!" He paused a minute and glanced her down.

"Where are you from, anyway?"

She finally returned eye contact and told him, "I'm from Yoshina Village..."

His eyes widened.

"Yoshina?! Holy crap!"

He shook his head for a minute in deep thought.

"A LITTLE lost? Well, geez...I don't see how you could get a 'little lost' from Yoshina..."

She felt a lump form in her throat.

"..Why?" she uttered shakily.

Alahd's brows furrowed.

"Well...Yoshina's just about ten miles east of here, but...That way's blocked off by a series of steep mountains. Either you were intentionally heading here that way, or...you traveled across this whole island!"

Ivy froze to ponder this. Suddenly she wasn't quite so calm about where she was. In the blink of an eye, she wanted to get back home.


His eyes traveled from point A to point B over and over again. He couldn't decide which route to take.

The one worn, wooden sign on his right said, 'Mysteria City.' The other to his left read, 'Tunnel of the Wise Zooper.'

He mumbled to himself about it for a few minutes.

Similar to Cruiser, he was a figure who could get easily drawn into something he enjoyed, and although he wouldn't mind getting back home, he had been waiting his whole life to come to this place.

And now he couldn't decide which to visit first. His black skin absorbed the sunlight well as he scratched his chin.

His name was Shadow, but everyone called him Shade.

Right from an egg he'd gone exploring. Yoshi and his baby companions had retrieved his newborn body within the depths of a cave that rested at the east side of the isle. Once they had found him, his black spotted shell was broken off.

Since then, he had lived as a loyal civilian of Yoshina Village.

Shade loved to learn, and he loved to explore his environs. He was a young man of science and observation. Reasoning and knowledge. His idea of a day well spent was to go spellunking and see what kinds of things he could find.

His dream was to someday be a great archeaologist like the great Kolorado Kornelyous, one of the most famous Koopa Troopas of his day. Kolorado was an avid adventurer, and Shade wanted to be a daring soul like him when he was old enough.

But there was always a time to start, now wasn't there?

His eyes scanned both paths, and he noticed that the one to his right was worn and commonly passed.

But the other one looked like it could use a little more trailblazing.

He nodded and said to himself,

"Two roads diverged in a wood, And I- I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference."

And with that, he sucked in a breath of fresh air, and let his feet do all the talking from that point onward.


Your World, my World...What''''s the difference? There is none. Our worlds are all connected by the same sky...The same Destiny...It''''''''s beginning...A War...But when the time comes, whose side will you be on? And whose side will Fate favor?
Only time will tell...Time is of the essence...Your Quest for Destiny is underway, my friend...But will you find the path that suits you within the chaos of War...?

Destiny Smasher:
AHEM! Don't mean to double-post, etc., but I'm just curious as to whether or not anyone is reading this? I don't care whether you have a compliment or a criticizm, all that matters is that people give a Goomba about this story and are reading it. I have Chapters 1-25 all ready to go, but if nobody's READING...Well, I'll be a little more patient, then, OK?


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