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Mario's High School Days: Turbo (???)

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Destiny Smasher:
OK, NO, I haven't written it myself, but...

I don't mean to sound stupid, but I have a question...

All right. I've found Mario's High School Days Turbo on the net, somehwere else, for anyone interested, BUT- am I allowed to post it here, as longa s I give FULL CREDIT to Toasty for the work, as he deserves it?

Just wondering. If not, whatever.

If "FULL" is the equivalent to 100%, then yes.

Hamster Sauce!

Dr. Mario:
I've already read it.

jon :
KNOCK IT OFF! I'll edit every single one of you're "Yay" posts if I have to. You're coming REALLY close to getting on my bad side. And you REALLY DON'T want that.

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I don't know jon wrote but it couldn't have been good

The world would be a much cleaner place if people would eat their own trash.


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