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Forest Guy:
I'm gonna start writing a bunch of small stories about Deezer as parodies of video games. Ie: Super Deezer brothers. That's today's episodes! Check back for new stories!

Today's Episode: Super Deezer Bros.

 It was a peaceful day in The Mushroom Kingdom, under the ruling of Princess Sapphira. Her trusty assistant Watoad alerted her that the evil king of Koopas, King Laternus was making his way to her castle. Princess Sapphira immediately called for the Super Deezer Bros. Unfortunately, before they could arrive, King Laternus kidnapped Princess Sapphira and trapped her Mushroom Retainers in seven castles. The Super Deezer Bros arrived, Deezer Deezer and David Dayton Deezer. They noticed that the castle was empty and decided to set out and look for the Princess. When they got outside, they saw Goombas and Koopa Troopas patrolling outside. They decided to follow these troops in hopes of finding the castle that Princess Sapphira was in. They fought through a small clearing until they reached a small castle. At the top of a staircase of blocks, they jumped into the flag and took it down, liberated the castle, and put up their flag. They saw a warp pipe, and hopped inside. Underground, theymade their way through a maze of blocks and enemies. Finally they found themselves above ground again. They made their way to another castle and repeated their actions at the ;last. They then found themselves on a variety of platforms floating above an endless pit. Cautiously, they made their way across avoiding enemies, until they reached a large castle. They went inside, only to find pools of lava, wands of fire, and firebals shooting at them from nowhere. They bravely made it to the end of the castle and found King Laternus. "So you're here! We're the Deezer Brothers and we're here to rescue the Princess!" exclaimed Deezer. King Laternus responded with" Well, if you want to see your prescious Princess, you'll have to get past me, you puny plumbers!" They began fighting, only to realise that they had no way of damaging the Koopa King. "Deezer! I see something ahead!" yelled David Dayton. "It looks like an axe of some sort." "Well, let's chop down this bridge and fast!" said Deezer. They ran past King Laternus and chopped down the rope, plummeting him into the lava below. THey rushed over to find someone in a bag. Sadly, it wasn't the Princess. It was one of her Mushroom Retainers. "I am sorry, but our Princess is in another castle! THat was not the real King Laternus. It was simply a Goomba in disguise." "Mama-mia! How're we gonna find the real one?" said Deezer. "You'll need to get to the last one in the farthest portion of this kingdom. There you will find him." "Thank you." said David Dayton. They set out and valientlly fought through many castles. Through sea, and underground, or above ground fighting many enemies such as Bullet Bills, and Hammer Brothers. They finally reached the final castle where King Laternus was. They both grabbed Super Mushrooms the land before so they were in their forms now. They made their way through a maze and reached King Laternus. "You dare challenge me? Well, then your quest ends here." King Laternus yelled.
"We're gonna finish you just like we did with all your clones!" roared Deezer. They began fighting, but suddenly King Laternus started throwing Hammers and shooting Fireballs all at the same time. Super David Dayton was hit and shrunk down to regular David Dayton, and tried to run under and chop the the rope like always. This time there was no rope. "Uh, Deezer...problem. There's no rope or axe." "What?! Now what are we gonna do?" "Bwa ha ha! Now feel my wrath you stupid humans!" Suddeny, Super Deezer jumped to avoid a hammer and hit his head on a floating block. A Fire Flower sprouted out, and Super Deezer grabbed it becoming Fiery Deezer! "Your time is up Laternus!" He shot five fireballs at King Laternus causing him to fall over and into the lava. "Alright! We did it bro!" shouted David Dayton! They walked to the final room and there they found Princess Sapphira in a cage. They freed her, and she gave a Mushroom to David Dayton so he could turn into upr David Dayton again. "Thank you for saving me! Now try a more difficult quest!" she said. "What?!!" they both shouted. Princess Sapphira said "Just joking. Ha! But thank you for saving me! You truly are the Super Deezer Brothers!" And with that they left the castle and returned home to return to peace...

              The End

Keep an eye on here for my next stories! I'll make a new one every few days. until then, Arrivadercci!

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interesting, but who is Latternus?

"Walk softly and carry a Super Scope."

Forest Guy:
Laternus I believe was a poster, who posted links to a pornographic website here on the Fungi Forums. Everyone hates him so I decided to make him the villain. And thank you for your support Screech.

My cause is worthy. *Takes out Katana* The might of righteousness will overcome the wrath of darkness.*Eats slice of pizza* Virtue is what you must achieve. Meow! I am the Samurai Pizza Cat!

lol. Yes....interesting...is a good word to describe it... XD
I don't know if I like being a damsel in distress, though. XD
How 'bout you incorporate some more board members next time? ;)

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Yeah, like me!  I could be Deezer's sidekick.  My motto could be, speak softly, and carry a sledgehammer.

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