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Is anyone here going to write any new stories in Story Boards soon?  If you plan to, you can talk about them here.

I was starting a fanfic about Daisy, Mario, and Luigi going to Peach's castle for a sleepover, but Peach and Daisy are captured when Mario and Luigi leave the room.  At the same time, Bowser's eight kids are captured.  It turns out Wart captured them all, and Mario, Luigi, and Bowser don't know it's Wart's doings.  When they are searching, they catch up with each other and have to join forces to save everyone.
But the story wasn't good enough.  I just saw Lord of the Ring 3 today, and I decided that I would write a different but classic story.  It's called: A Mushroom Trilogy.  It's going to be all awesome and serious.  That's about all I'll say right now.

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I'm working on three stories right now (not including the one on TMK, which I just add to when I feel like it)

One is about Kamek and Kammy, set during Paper Mario.

One is about Peach and Bowser.

One is about almost all of the Mario characters, but the backbone of the story involves the Mario, and Wario brothers fighting a creature that has all of their strengths (but also thir weaknesses).

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