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A Mushroom Tale: The Beginning

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Luigi lay on the floor choking, his face turning a light scarlet.  He suddenly stopped choking and lied there, not moving at all.  Peach and Mario stood over him, watching with curiosity.  Luigi suddenly looked up, and said, "That's how Mario looked when he was choking at dinner!"

Peach stood thoughtfully, then shook her head, replying, "No, it was more of a standing-the-whole-time kind of choking.  Remember, he fell over after he coughed the mushroom out.  It was more like this."

Peach did an exaggarated version of what Mario had apparently done at dinner.  Mario was getting a little annoyed, and said, "Alright, it wasn't that funny."  But Peach and Mario were still giggling under their breath as they went to prepare for bedtime.  What strange things happen at Peachs sleepovers, thought Mario, as he reflected on the humorous, though rather absurd, imitations of a simple cough during dinner.

Mario and Luigi brushed their teeth, while the princess went to her own bathroom.  When the two brothers were done, Luigi went over to the guest bedroom, while Mario went over to Peach's bedroom to wish her good night.  He knocked on her door, and upon hearing no answer, Mario opened the door slowly and peered inside.

A window was smashed, and the curtains flailed wildly in the night air.  Princess Peach was gone.


Bowser yawned, and glanced away from his foreign affairs papers and looked at the clock. Ten thirty.  He yawned again, got up from his desk, and started walking down the hall to his bedroom.  His bedroom was at the end of the hall, and there were two doors on both sides; the rooms of his children.

He opened the first door, about to say a quick good night to Roy and Morton, but when he looked to their bunkbed, he saw no one.  The window was open, and the curtain was slightly ripped, as though someone had grabbed it to keep from going out the window.

Bowser rushed to the other rooms, to see if his other children were there.  He opened a door. No Iggy or Lemmy.  Another door. No Wendy.  The last door. No Larry or Ludwig.

Bowser rushed through hallways, finding none of the koopalings.  He rushed outside, stopping a little past the drawbridge.  In the distance, he could see some small black outline of a vehicle in the night sky.  He could almost hear each of his child's screams.  They were gone.  Bowser stood, dumbfounded, as all the emotions came out.  Bowser roared into the night sky.  It was a cry of fury.  A cry of anguish.  A cry of sorrow.Edited by - Markio on 2/2/2004 3:57:02 PM


"Walk softly and carry a Super Scope."

T'anks!  I was thinking up all these ideas for a serious story, but just decided to start writing unprepared.  I'm going to try to add to it at least every other night.

If you eat sixty-two oranges, fifty-three bananas, and seventy-four apples, then you''re full of fruit!

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"We're leaving to find the princess tomorrow."

"Oh, do be careful!"

"Don't worry, whoever kidnapped the princess will pay, especially if it's Bowser..."

"Don't go jumping to conclusions, Mario, anyone could have taken her."

"You may be right Toad, but in this case, ninety percent of 'anyone' is Bowser."

"Possibly, but please, you must find Peach.  Good luck!"


Bowser had sent troops out to search for his children previously, but he knew it would be a waste of time.  He  couldn't, WOULDn't, let that replaying vision of the kidnapper's black silhouette flying over the far horizon in the night sky leave his mind.  When the troops returned with no sign of Bowser's kids, he knew what he would have to do.  He was the only one who saw which direction the enemy had retreated.  He would have to find his children himself.

It was inevitable.  No one else in the Koopa Kingdom knew as much about the area outside the kingdom(or about Bowser's children's sense of direction) as Bowser did.  After all, the koopalings meant the most to him than to other people.  He may have been a mean king, but his relationship with his children showed that he had a softer side.  Without his children, what was he?  Just a mean king without a softer side, that's what.  He would leave tomorrow.


When the princess woke up, she was looking straight up at the ceiling.  She was in what looked like a prison cell, and the room was dimly lit.  She sat up and looked around.  She wasn't familiar with wherever she was.  It certainly didn't look like any prison or castle that she had been in.  Still, though, she was definitely in a prison cell,  in which seven other people, or even things, were also locked in, either asleep, or unconscious.

She walked over to them, and let out a gasp.  They were Bowser's children!
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Luigi looked around the thick grove of trees he and Mario were in, and sighed, not surprised, "Great, Mario, we're lost again."

Mario replied, "No we're not.  See those dark stormy clouds WAY over there?  Stormy clouds equals Bowser's castle."


"Bowser's really gone too far this time."

"You say that all the time.  It would be easier if you just lowered your expectations so he would never have gone below your expectations and it wouldn't be such a big deal when he went past your tolerability"

"I'm serious this time.  Out of all the times he's captured the princess, he never captured her during a get-together in which he had no right to charge in on.  Added to the fact that he's interuppted her life too many times in the past-"

"Don't forget that he broke her window" Luigi added sarcastically.

But Mario didn't notice the sarcasm. "Exactly!  He is REALLY going to pay this time."

Luigi rolled his eyes.  "Are you trying to phsyche yourself up or something?

Mario answered, "No, I'm... on the edge."

Luigi said, "Your on something."

Mario was getting annoyed by Luigi, and he forgot which direction he was heading.  "Wait which way was it?..."

They were in a clearing, and Luigi was about to answer, when all of a sudden, a loud rustling came from the trees on the other side!
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