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Diddy: We are back on SSB Live, and Lucario and Bowser are in the ring.  If you're just tuning in, Jenny is now our General Manager, and Bowser is about to have his first match since...well, it has sure been awhile!  The bell rings, and here we go!  Bowser locks up with Lucario and violently throws him down!

Cranky: Something tells me Bowser's not even going to give Lucario a half centimeter.  I feel sorry for the guy.

Diddy: Violent clothesline by Bowser, knocking Lucario to the canvas!  Being a hardcore match, there are already several items in the ring.  I see a sledgehammer, a table, a fire hydrant, etc.  This could be a long match for Lucario!

Cranky: The force of that clothesline already made the rookie a little drowsy.  Oh boy, from behind!

Diddy: Bowser breaks a sledgehammer over Lucario's back!  That will send you reeling!  Now he picks him up for the Super Koopa Slam!  He hits it!  Here's the cover, 1,2,3.  Bowser picks up the easy victory!

Cranky: And thank goodness the match ended quickly.  The last thing we need is to have someone get hurt just because Bowser is infuriated.  I mean, I would be too, but no need to take your anger out on smaller opponents.  Bowser grabs a microphone.

Bowser: Ash Ketchum!  You think you can just remove me from my rightful position as GM and put your kid cousin in there?  No way!  For far too long, I have suffered under your foot!  Well no more!  I am going to plow my way back to the top of Super Smash Brothers!  I am going to win the SSB Championship by any means necessary!  And if you or your cousin get in my way, I won't hold back!  I won't hold back for anyone anymore!  I'm sick and tired of being pushed around!  I'm the King of the Koopas for crying out loud! 

Diddy: Whoa!  Bowser just spiked the microphone on the ground like a football!  Lucario is struggling to his feet, and Bowser's waiting for him!  The match is over! 

Cranky: This is how Bowser's always been!  He takes his frustration out on whoever has bad enough luck to cross his path! 

Diddy: Lucario's back to his feet, and Bowser grabs him by the neck!  Chokeslam!  Now Bowser leaves the ring!  I just hope he's alleviated his temper! 

Cranky: Lucario really got hosed tonight.  He was thrown to the wolves, or just the wolf.  Either way, he is still down, and hopefully he'll be able to get up from that thunderous chokeslam.

Diddy: Still to come tonight, Kirby takes on Wario in a match for the Nintendo Entertainment title, Jman and Paper Luigi in a handicap match against Ash's special forces, and Luigi vs Link in a match for the SSB title.
I always figured "Time to tip the scales" was Wario's everyday motto.


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Diddy: We're back on Live!  We are getting set for our next match, so let's take the opportunity to tell you that we here at SSB Live encourage everyone to join the Brawl and pick up Super Smash Brothers Brawl for the Nintendo Wii!  With several modes of gameplay, including the groundbreaking Subspace Emissary, you won't be able to put the controller down! 

Cranky: Now that we've told you that, this next match is for the Nintendo Entertainment title!  In one corner of the ring, we have our challenger tonight, he's one half of the former tag team champions, the Wicked Brothers, Wario!  And in the other corner, we have our Nintendo Entertainment Champion, the hero of Dreamland, Kirby! 

Diddy: There's the bell!  Kirby is obviously much smaller than Wario, so he'll have to rely on his speed and wits to try and hang on to his title!  He slides under Wario's enormous girth and now he's behind him!  Dropkick to the back sends Wario stumbling forward!  Kirby gets in the first blow! 

Cranky: Kirby's so small, if Wario gets him with one of those powerslams, it could be over just like that.  This match does feature the title on the line, so he's got to be careful!

Diddy: You've got that right!  So far, Kirby's just been striking from behind, taking advantage of his speed vs Wario's size.  Wario can't touch him so far!  This should be interesting!  Kirby with a hurricanrana!  Wario is down, and it's all in the favor of everybody's favorite Star Warrior right now!  Kirby is looking good early on! 

Cranky: Wario needs to get his stuff together, or this might be a short match!  There we go!  He caught the Star Warrior in another kick!

Diddy: Kirby gets slammed hard to the canvas!  This is exactly what Wario needs to do, ground the high flying champion!  The force of that slam was so powerful, it might be over!  Wario goes for the cover! 1,2, and Kirby got the shoulder up! 

Cranky: Wario seizes momentum just like that!  He's just waiting for Kirby to struggle to his feet! 

Diddy: Uh oh!  This is something Kirby didn't want to happen!  Wario has snatched him up into an air tight bearhug!  This could be it right here!  Wario is freakishly strong, and he might squeeze the very life force out of the champion right here! 

Cranky: Yeah, it looks like the end of Kirby's reign as the NE champion.  If Wario happens to win it here, he's said to have an entire entourage to congratulate him!  Kirby is going limp at the moment! 

Diddy: The referee will go for his arm now.  If Kirby's arm drops three times, it means that he has been knocked out, and the match will be over.  He's getting darn close to passing out right now!  His arm drops once!  Kirby's been turning blue gradually.  I think he's out!  The arm falls a second time! 

Cranky: That's it!  We're gonna crown a new champion tonight! 

Diddy: But Kirby gets his arm up this time!  He's still conscious!  Wario is ticked off, and now he goes for a powerslam, but Kirby counters!  Kirby countered into a DDT!  Both men are down!

Cranky: Talk about turning the tide!  That bearhug took a lot out of Kirby, but he may just have an opening after that DDT counter! 

Diddy: But that is the issue, that bearhug had to take a ton out of the NE champion!  Kirby is struggling to his feet, and he is showing the effects of that hug!  Wario is back to his feet as well!  All Wario needs is one more good attack, and Kirby is done!  Wario lines Kirby up for a spear!  Here he comes!  Oh!  Kirby dodged it, and Wario hit the referee! 

Cranky: Wario gets up and now Kirby grabs him!  Starslam!  Starslam! 

Diddy: The starslam connects!  Kirby falls on top of Wario! 

Cranky: Wait a minute, there's no referee!  Kirby's had him covered for over 3 seconds, so the match should have been over, but the referee is down, still feeling the effects from that powerful spear! 

Diddy: Now we have a new referee running down to the ring!  Wait a minute!  That's Waluigi!  What the heck is this? 

Cranky: A plan worthy of an evil genius, that's what!  Waluigi is going to help his brother win the title, just you watch!

Diddy: He'll have to wake him up first!  The starslam is capable of knocking even the biggest foe unconscious!  Kirby's going for the attack, but Waluigi dodges it!  Kirby knows that assaulting officials is against the rules, but accidents happen.  We saw that moments ago!  Kirby is helpless!  He can't beat up Waluigi, and I can only think that Waluigi won't count for him! 

Cranky: Wario's back to his feet, but Kirby doesn't see him!  He's got a chair!

Diddy: No way!  This isn't a hardcore match!  Chair to the back of Kirby!  Kirby goes down, and Wario is going to steal this one!  Now the real referee is back to his feet!  He doesn't have a clue what's going on!  Wario covers Kirby!  1,2,3!  What a crock!  Wario wins the Nintendo Entertainment title with minor help from his brother, who came out dressed in a referee outfit to psyche Kirby out! 

Cranky: Wario is a genius!  He is an evil genius!  He had a gameplan, and he stuck to it!  I believe that sticking the ref with that spear was planned, although Kirby was in the way.  My guess is Wario wanted to spear him as well!  Either way, he got the victory, and he's our new champion! 

Diddy: Kirby lies in the ring a beaten man.  An accidental spear by Wario to the referee opened the door for him to screw Kirby out of the championship!  Wario said he had some friends here to watch him win the title tonight, so they must be in the back or something!  Wario grabs a microphone. 

Wario: And if you think that was-a good, just wait until next week!  There are some friends-a of mine in the back, and-a they will be so happy to meet-a you all next week! 

Cranky: So, Wario, the new champ, has some friends he wants us all to meet next week!  Sounds like fun!

Diddy: Hey!  Kirby's back on his feet!  He sends Wario over the top rope from behind!  Waluigi stays in the ring to fight, but Kirby wards him off with the chair Wario used to win the belt!  Wario and Waluigi leave, and Kirby stays in the ring armed and dangerous! 

Cranky: Don't go away, because we still have two matches of relative significance coming up!  First, Link and Luigi renew their rivalry in a major matchup for the Super Smash Brothers title!  After that, Jman and Luigi fight Ash's special forces in a handicap match! 

I always figured "Time to tip the scales" was Wario's everyday motto.