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Alright, here's how we start. you choose an item from the regular mario games. Once you pick you stick with it so choose carefully. Then you'll face off your opponent.
super mushroom
metal box
mini mushroom
For example:
suffix vs. luigi simpson
Suffix chooses raccon
luigi simpson chooses cape
Suffix: 888 hp 200 mp
Luigi simpson: 600 hp 400 mp

Suffix gets in the air and simpson follows
Suffix uses raccoon dash mach punch doing 88 hp and loses 44 mp
luigi simpson does a fire ball
suffix dodges and goes up to the opponents face
luigi simpson kicks him away and goes for the finish
Suffix is knocked out so begins to drift torwards the ground and simpson misses
OUCH! He hit a tree behind suffix taking all his hp away

I'll be your daily host to record the matches
If you choose raccoon it's the same thing that mario uses to become the raccoon mario

Mario: Hey! If you ever see Bowser make sure you kick his....AHHHHHHHHH!!!!
*bowser burns him*
Bowser: THAT''S FOR.... uuuhhhh........ what was that for again?
Luigi: You were supposed to get the doc! I don''t want any stupid prescription!
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*slaps forehead* Please keep me out of your consistant battles. I'm a moderator, I just observe. Go to the top page, and look at the moderator for the Story Boards. I'm not a puppet.

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Mini Mushroom? Why would you want to get smaller?

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Well if your huge your a big target. If your mini yes you might get sent flying or something but your harder to hit and it would be easier to hide for great surprize attacks. If you catch the opponent's back they take double the damage.
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I pick the metal box.

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alright, you'll have to fight a standby enemy. Standby enemies are when there's no one to fight someone's that already joined. I control standbys.
Let's try tossing a eggshell(shell and egg at same time) and then charging a bull a mad bull charge.
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I have 500HP and 500MP and attacks will do less DMG when I'm metal.